Daiya Seto Expresses Interest in More USA-Based Training

by Andy Cheng 5

December 16th, 2021 Asia, International, News

Japanese World champion Daiya Seto described his months of training in the United States as a fun experience. The versatile swimmer expressed his enjoyment with training the past few months, saying it was different from what he was accustomed to in Japan. He also hopes to return to the United States for future training.

Earlier in November, Seto trained with rivals Chase Kalisz and Jay Litherland at the University of Georgia. Later that month, he made a stop in Ann Arbor to train at the University of Michigan for approximately 10 days.

His training concluded with a stop in Flagstaff, Arizona, where he trained with Coley Stickels, coach with the International Swim League’s Tokyo Frog Kings. The pair then traveled together to Abu Dhabi for the 2021 FINA Short Course World Championships.

When asked which of his favorite training spots were, Seto laughed and said they were “all good.” He hopes to return and train in the near future, saying he wants more of those experiences.

The 27-year-old recently finished first in the 200-meter IM at the 2021 FINA Short Course World Championships. He touched in 1:51.15, beating Carson Foster of the United States. He is set to also compete in the 100- and 400-meter IM.

In October, Seto became the 4th Japanese swimmer ever to become a true professional athlete, declaring emancipation from the Japanese Swimming Federation (JASF). As such, Seto will now be responsible for expenses related to training camps and trips. However, the restrictions on Seto’s commercial activities will be relaxed, which opens the door for more earning opportunities heading into Paris 2024.

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Bob Dobbalina
6 months ago

As long as he stays far away from MA and his garbage-level training program, Seto will do well training in the states.

6 months ago

I don’t get the family dynamics in Japan!?!?

Reply to  Ghost
6 months ago

Really isn’t any of our business

6 months ago

So from now on is he training in Japan with Coley Stickels?

6 months ago

Let him swim NCAA’s smh