Connecticut Swim Coach Receives Minimum Sentence for Child Pornography Charge

Braden Keith
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November 15th, 2011 National

David Tremblay, the former swim coach of West Haven High School in Connecticut, has been sentenced to 10 years in prison, which will be suspended after 2.5 years served, according to the Middletown Press. This is just over the minimum allowable sentence of two-years (actual time served).

The police reports in the class emphasize that Tremblay has never had a complaint made against him by any of his students or athletes, nor their parents, and that he appeared to create a separation between the pictures, reported to be of chilrden aged 5-15, and the actual children that he worked with. He and his lawyer claim to have never distributed or shared the pictures.

The following is Tremblay’s statement about his crimes:

“I am ashamed and embarrassed to be associated with these charges, (with) material I should have never been associated with in the first place.I am grateful for all the people who have stood by me, and I’m extremely sorry for all the hurt I’ve caused those who believed in me.”

When reading through different reports of the trial, it’s a very difficult emotional situation, which was reflected in the sentencing. In his real life, by all involved accounts, he was a great man who did nothing but positive things for his swimmers and his community. In his cyber-life, however, he committed a crime in the most heinous category – those against children.

The fact that he never blurred the two lives together, however, and his willingness to accept treatment, are positive signs for his ability to be rehabilitated.

Tremblay does not appear on the USA Swimming banned-for-life list, but the organization confirmed that he was never affiliated with a USA Swimming program.

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