How Cody Miller Met His Wife (Layover Vlog)

American National Team swimmer Cody Miller married Ali DeWitt on September 9th, 2017, and after this past weekend’s US Winter National Championships in Columbus, they are finally getting a chance to go on their honeymoon.

While most of Miller’s vlogs have been swimming focused – training, nutrition, warmups – this one is more personal. While the pair were on a 9 hour layover in Istanbul, Miller and DeWitt walk through the story of how they met (on a pool deck, of course). This wasn’t a swim-love at first sight story, however. Cody had to work to even get his now-wife to agree to go out with him.

See the latest video below:

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science geek

I like Cody Miller. Seems like a cool dude. Also like how excited he got when he won his bronze medal.


Too bad he cheats by doing too many dolphin kicks.


when did u last see him do it last summer in Budapest ? could u give examples from this year please ? if u can’t find good things about him in swimming , same could be done to you as well one day …..


He always does it please watch the videos lol

Go Bearcats

Always is a huge accusation considering every meet he swims at has an official behind each lane. If he “always” does it and “always” gets away with it, then the problem isn’t really him it’s the people who need to be enforcing the rule.

But he doesn’t always do it. He’s been legally killing it and earning USA medals and he will continue to. Go Cody!


If I CHEAT in swimming then I deserve to be called out on it. No one is comparing Cody Miller to Hitler, but he does CHEAT and he deserves every piece of critisism that comes his way in reguards to his CHEATING. It is perfectly reasonable and valid to speak out against Miller’s character and his races. I’m not sure where this “it could happen to you” is coming from. I’m never going to CHEAT in swimming, so no; it’s not going to happen to me.


Watch any 100 breaststroke race at a major meet and you’ll see multiple swimmers doing more than one dolphin kick. Nobody talks about Van der Burgh or Christian sprenger doing extra kicks anymore and they went 1-2 in london (although Sprenger is retired now), or Kitajima who is the greatest all-round breaststroker of all time. If we’re gonna constantly attack swimmers lets at least be consistent


Are you kidding?!? EVERYONE was talking about Van Der Burgh and Spenger. Fina literally held a meeting after their 2012 olympic race to discuss changing the dolphin kick rule, or at least utilizing underwater cameras. The only difference is that Van der Burgh admitted to cheating, Miller still has yet to acknowledge he’s done anything wrong.


Key word in my post was “anymore”, it happens every Olympics, a person/multiple people are seen doing extra kicks and everyone freaks out for a while and criticizes them and eventually it goes away. Yes Miller should admit he did them since there is undeniable evidence he did it. I just don’t see how it’s fair that he’s the only one brought up every time now instead of including all the people that did it before him or that did it in the Olympic final WITH him.


Andaman islands ?


My favorite place in the world


Why is one shoulder hairier than the other

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