Cody Miller Daily Swim Vlogs #5 and 6 – No Breaststroke Fridays

With the conference meets going on, we missed the last 2 installments of Cody Miller’s week-long series of daily workout vlogs, but it’s such a useful and powerful series – we didn’t want to not post them.

On Friday, Miller did another double, with a morning workout split between speed/power, and then an active rest set. Miller didn’t do any breaststroke on Friday, even though breaststroke is his specialty, focusing on butterfly and backstroke to really work on his speed and power.

Then in the afternoons, Miller and his teammates go fast from the blocks (the taper group puts on tech suits) – with Miller swimming all fly.

Catch up on prior days here:

His Friday video is below, with the workouts below that:

Then, on Saturday, Miller did one morning workout, which was pretty straight forward: 40x50s (which Miller says is his favorite 200-pace set).

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These are great Cody. Thank you.


The 40x50s is an excellent set. I tried Cody’s version this past Saturday and the last 12 50s were painful.

Here is another version I swam every year at college:

40x50s on 1:00
10 – 4 easy/1 fast at 200 race pace
10 – 3 easy/2 fast at 200 RP
10 – 2 easy/3 fast at 200 RP
10 – 1 easy/4 fast at 200 RP

Good luck on the last 10!

Pete Manieri

Love this Cody!!
I am sipping coffee and so stoked for my day of life thx to this POZZ REPORT.
Have fun in Atlanta!
Love the Dressel roasting.

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