Climbing Camelback with Larry Arnold

by Garrett McCaffrey 1

December 28th, 2014 Training, Video

Phoenix Swim Club is located at Phoenix Country Day School in the shadow of Camelback Mountain. As part of winter training, the seniors hiked the urban peak. Hundreds of people climb Camelback everyday but the PSC swimmers worked their way to the top with specific technique instructions aimed at improving them as athletes, metabolically.

How can any dryland make you a better swimmer? Some great minds believe that there is no direct correlation between building strength on land and increased strength in the water. For the most part, I agree. But what about coordination? Even the top high school athlete is still learning how to move all the different pieces of the body together. Larry Arnold believes that land exercises aimed at improving posture and breathing will enhance awareness of posture and breathing in the water. After 6 months of the Larry Arnold approach, I believe him.

Here’s another workout video with Larry.

Check out more from Larry Arnold at or follow him on twitter (@wehatelarry) and instagram (larryarnoldgram).


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9 years ago

I love this guy! Garrett, thank you for posting. I appreciate that he’s taking the time to literally explain how to be an athlete. Good stuff.

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