Chicago Area High School Coach Suspended For One Year

Niles West High School swim coach Daniel Vander Jeugdt has been suspended by the school board for one year, including the coming boys swim season.

The Chicago Tribune reports that Vander Jeugt will serve his suspension this season, though he and the school have remained secretive about what rule was violated. You can read the Tribune report here. Vander Jeugdt was suspended for violating a Niles Township High School District 219 rule.

The school has said it won’t discuss specifics because “it is a personal matter.” For his part, Vander Jeugdt admitted to breaking the unnamed rule: “I did it. I know it was wrong. These are the consequences. I’ll accept the consequences and move on,” he said in the Tribune report.

Vander Jeugdt was suspended from coaching specifically at a school board special meeting on November 3. He remains a teacher at the school. He teaches physical welfare. The school board president said that the rule violation did not affect his teaching position, calling the teacher and coach “a very valued employee,” and saying the board was “confident of his abilities to provide instruction and supervise students during the day.”

Vander Jeugdt has been teaching and coaching at Niles West for 16 years. Girls swim coach Jason Macejak will take over as interim boys swim coach this season. School superintendent Steven Isoye said Vander Jeugdt would return to coaching the team next year “as far as I know.”

Niles West High School is in Stokie, Illinois, a northern suburb of Chicago.

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Coach of Many

I heard what happened. He has alcoholism at night. The good thing though is that he is getting up for his problem and that the problem does not arise during the day. His swim team practices for the high school were early evening. He would down a few brews before heading to practice. Valiant effort though. Let’s all learn from this.

Snowflake Generation

Even if this was true, it is not your right to divulge such personal information. The man has a year off, that’s all the public needs to know.


Nice username


While it could be true, it is still an unsubstantiated rumor. If it is an addiction, pray/send him good vibes to get that under control.

Konner Scott

For the sake of a good man’s reputation, please don’t post unsubstantiated rumors if you are not informed about the circumstances.

Keith Mac

Alcohol not involved. Dan and his family helped out a swimmer in need. You will not find a coach with a bigger heart.

Konner Scott

It has absolutely nothing to do with alcohol. I swam for Dan for four years and have had a very close relationship with him. He has a heart of gold and it got him in trouble. It kills me that misleading information might reflect poorly on his character.


Unfortunately people like to jump to conclusions without having the facts.

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