Chen Xinyi Expelled From Rio, Chinese Fed To Launch Doping Probe

During the competitive swimming portion of the 2016 Olympic Games, we reported how China’s top 100 butterflier, Chen Xinyi, had failed a doping control test before heading to Rio de Janeiro to compete. The swimmer reportedly tested positive for the substance hydrochlorothiazide, a diuretic which is sometimes used as a masking agent.

Chen was reportedly informed of the positive test on Tuesday, August 9th and the swimmer subsequently appealed the case to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). Chen finished 4th in the 100 butterfly, missing the bronze medal by just .09 seconds. She was later absent from the women’s 50m freestyle heats and off of her nation’s 4x100m medley relay.

With Chen’s B sample also having been confirmed of testing positive for hydrochlorothiazide, the CAS upheld the decision and expelled Chen from the Rio Olympics. Now, the Chinese Swimming Association has declared it will be launching a ‘thorough investigation’ into the positive doping result.

“The Chinese Olympic delegation has demanded the Chinese swimming body to start a full investigation into the matter in order to clarify the facts and seek out the truth,” said the delegation in a statement sent to Xinhua News Agency.

“The delegation will punish those responsible in accordance with the truth and law.”

CAS says it is now in FINA’s hands to determine the athlete’s punishment following the conclusion of the Games.

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Bo swims
5 years ago

Will they try to determine what drug she was trying to mask?

Where said drugs came from?

Find which coaches and staff knew about it?
Other swimmers on the same “program”… and ban all involved?

Reply to  Bo swims
5 years ago

I believe the coach is JIN Wei, who coached LIU Zige.

Reply to  Chopper
5 years ago

Who probably drugged and got away with it. 2:01 200 fly for women? Hell no.

vi viam
Reply to  Bo swims
5 years ago

In fact,the swimming association has been praising the China swimming team on media

Chinese media has been covering up the doping scandal. There has been hardly any media reports about it

instead, the swimming association has been praising the China swimming team on media

5 years ago

Smoke and mirrors. They know what she was on.

5 years ago

FINA, WADA, CAS, National Olympic Organizations, can we trust any of them to tell the truth or do the right thing ? Just interested in a rational discussion with no National hysteria please 🙂

Reply to  drdolphinkick
5 years ago

The only entity/person that I have trust in USADA and Tigard. Put him in charge!

5 years ago

Too bad she wasn’t caught before since she pushed Kelsi Worrell from the finals.

5 years ago

So can Kelsi and the 17th place finisher from semifinals sue since this test came BEFORE Rio and she was still allowed to swim the 100 fly anyway, pushing both of their rightful opportunity to swim in semifinals/finals?

Tea rex
Reply to  aquajosh
5 years ago

Not sure, but just because the sample came from the day before the Olympics, that doesn’t necessarily mean the results were in. If the 100 fly was held later in the week, it might have been different.

If, in fact Chen was doping, I hope we never see her again. Too many second and third chances put a stain on the sport.

Brute Bradford
5 years ago

Lots of focus on state-sponsored doping against Russia, but what about this?

Naya Missy
5 years ago

Feel so bad for Kelsi Worrell right now

vi viam
5 years ago

@2012cornwall @XHSports
Chinese media has been covering up the doping scandal. There has been hardly any media reports about it

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