Cate Campbell is the First Woman Under 51 (Race Video)

After coming close on the third night of the Hancock Prospecting Australian Short Course Nationals to breaking Libby Lenton’s world record, Cate Campbell decided she needed another shot. She warned her competitors before the finals of the 200 free that she would be going after the 100 free.

Campbell used a blistering first 50 (24.20) to launch her to the the new record (50.91). Lenton’s record had stood at 51.01 since 2009. In the process Campbell became the first woman in the entire world to go under 51 seconds:

Campbell has seemingly been around forever but is just coming into her prime as a sprinter at age 23. She burst on the scene as a sixteen year old in 2008, winning a bronze medal in the 50 freestyle at the Beijing Olympic games. Campbell did not medal individually in London but is now a favorite for the upcoming Rio Games.

Despite her huge potential, Campbell has been inconsistent on the international stage. She had an incredible swim to win the 2013 European Championships (LCM) in the 100 freestyle, going 52.33 in the win. Had she held that performance she would have won last summer in Kazan, instead she finished third.

Australia is also looking sharp with two other women at 51 in the 100 freestyle at this meet, as they look to defend their 4×100 Freestyle title from London.

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7 years ago

Actually katie ledecky is always swimming fast. That 8:19 is the slowest she has swum in a long time. 8:19 is fast by the way and 4:02 is fast.

Reply to  Carlo
7 years ago

Are you telling me that Bobo Gigi was wrong?

Nooooooo…..!!!!!! He CAN’T be!

Victor P
7 years ago

Gotta say, these are the worst videos ever. How about showing the ACTUAL race next time?!

Joel Lin
7 years ago

Love the levity of the interview with Cate. Broke a world record and finished dead last in the race…rare indeed.

Joel Lin
7 years ago

These are the good old days for Aussie and British swimming. Both look ready to win a lot of medals in Rio.

Reply to  Joel Lin
7 years ago

Whilst both nations have good reasons for confidence going into Rio, I wouldn’t go as far as saying that they are both likely to have major medal hauls.

Whilst GBR had 7 medals in Olympic events in Kazan with 5 of them Gold; none of those gold could be said to be “locks”.
– The strongest bet would be Peaty in the M100BRS where it would be fair to class him as favourite but VDB is still very close to him.
– Guy COULD win the 200 and medal in the 400 in Rio, but both races are likely to considerably faster in Rio.
– The GBR M4X200 can most certainly NOT be discounted however USA is… Read more »

Reply to  commonwombat
7 years ago

If you really think about it, there is no lock ins in the men’s side, with Larkin & Peaty probably as good as anyone.
In the women’s side there is a few more lock ins, Sjostrom in 100 Butt, Ledecky in the 400 & 800 free & 4×100- Aust, 4X200 – USA.

So I think that it’s not unusual for swimming fans to be excited in Britain & Australia.

7 years ago

Swimming Australia is taking a page out of Universal Sports book. I don’t understand, the race is only 50.91 seconds, why can’t they show the whole thing?

Reply to  xenon
7 years ago

I really hate all the shortened races, the athletes are the fastest in the world, why cut it down? Also, I can’t find unabridged Beijing Olympic races anywhere!

7 years ago

Please some tell me what kind of sets dressel swims at florida! Just curious, cause he can swim so well everytime. And yea i know he is talented but still…

bobo gigi
Reply to  Jamrs
7 years ago

I didn’t know that Dressel swam crazy fast fast times every time he was in the water.
He was well rested one week ago like all Gators for that meet like each November. Last time he was tapered and ready to swim at his best was early August at US nationals. And next time he will be rested will be in February/March. And then it will be late June for the olympic trials. You will not see fast times from him at in-season meets.

Reply to  bobo gigi
7 years ago

So Dressel like all Gators was well rested?
Ah I see, now I guess we don’t have to ask Dressel why he can swim fast all year round.

Can I ask you another question? Last year you proclaimed that the reign of Ryan Murphy would start this year and that he would rule backstroke starting this year?
Do you think he will start ruling from December? I still believe in your WORDS!

Captain Awesome
Reply to  BoboGigiSuperfan
7 years ago

Please, in the name of God, just stop it.

Reply to  Captain Awesome
7 years ago

Better yet, in the name of Bobo, please stop it.

Reply to  BoboGigiSuperfan
7 years ago

The thing I find so funny about bobogigisuperfan is how pleased with him(her)self he(she) seems to be. He(she)’s made the same pseudo-humorous point several times, but still seems to be smug about it. Got to admire the dedication.

7 years ago

No surprise.
Every time she’s in the water since 2012, she swims crazy fast times in long course.

I just wonder how these swimmers like Ledecky, Dressel or Sjostrom can swim best times or close to best times almost each time they swim.
Same questions about someone like Gatlin on track who can run times in the 100m about 9.80 every week from May to September.
These athletes don’t know the notion of taper or peaking. They peak all year.
Maybe they use USRPT! ?

bobo gigi
Reply to  BoboGigiSuperfan
7 years ago

The joke is finished.
You are unmasked now.
And really a big crook!
Haha! You are even unable to copy exactly the words I’ve written yesterday. I have never written Ledecky, Dressel and Sjöström. Take Ledecky for example. She swam 4.02/8.19 in Minneapolis 2 weeks ago. Very far from her PBs. I talked about Seebohm and Larkin. I should have not mentioned Hosszu. Error from my part.
But back to you, damn clown, what is sure is that you are anything but a fan of me.
And your methods are really dirty.
You are only a big crook and I hope you will be at least blamed by the swimswam police and… Read more »

Reply to  bobo gigi
7 years ago

please don’t be harsh on me. 🙁 :~(
I copied your words and statements because I am a HUGE fan of yours and I think what you wrote is always true.
If you say so, I will take Ledecky out, and we don’t have to ask questions why she always swims so fast. Because as you said, Ledecky does not always swim fast.
Can I still ask people to explain why Cate Campbell, Dressel and Sjostrom always swim fast?

Reply to  bobo gigi
7 years ago

You have become hilariously insufferable. I’m ready for your next bout of insults to America.

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