Cameron Craig Misses Third Straight Meet For OSU (UPDATED)

Original report was published on January 31st.

Ohio State’s Cameron Craig missed his third consecutive meet Friday evening when the Buckeyes visited Pittsburgh.

The junior last competed on January 4 when OSU battled Kentucky, and has now been absent for their dual with Michigan on January 18 and last weekend’s Shamrock Invitational at Notre Dame in addition to the dual at Pitt.

Update February 1st, 2020

OSU has issued the following statement regarding Craig’s recent absences:

“Cameron is working through some personal matters at this time and that is his focus right now. He has taken a leave of absence from swimming and he remains a valued member of our program. We love him and will continue to support him and we ask that you respect he and his family’s privacy at this time.”

Update #2 February 2nd, 2020

Craig was cited on January 16th, 2020 for 4 traffic offenses, including driving under the influence of alcohol. Franklin County Court Records list a charge under 45.11.19(A)(1)(A) & (D) of the Ohio Revised Code, which reads:

No person shall operate any vehicle, streetcar, or trackless trolley within this state, if, at the time of the operation, any of the following apply:

(a) The person is under the influence of alcohol, a drug of abuse, or a combination of them.

(d) The person has a concentration of eight-hundredths of one gram or more but less than seventeen-hundredths of one gram by weight of alcohol per two hundred ten liters of the person’s breath.

The legal limit to operate a motor vehicle in Ohio is .08. The record also includes citations of speeding (75 miles per hour in a 65 zone) and failure to drive in marked lanes. He was arraigned on January 22nd, where he was given an additional $100 fine for distracted driving.

Craig previously competed for Arizona State, completing his freshman and sophomore campaigns there in 2016-17 and 2017-18. As a Sun Devil, the Michigan native was the 2017 Pac-12 champion in the men’s 100 free and won back-to-back titles in 2017 and 2018 in the 200 free.

He then took last season off before announcing he was joining the Buckeyes this past August.

This season the 21-year-old ranks 28th in the nation in both the 100 free (43.03) and 100 fly (46.57), and has also been 19.89 in the 50 free. In his last appearance versus Kentucky, Craig won both the 50 free (20.07) and 100 fly (48.39).

The Swimulator currently projects Ohio State to finish 4th at this year’s Big Ten Championship meet based on season-best times, behind Michigan, Indiana, and Iowa. Those projections exclude diving.

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He’s academically ineligible


Surprise surprise surprise!


What does that mean exactly ? Just curious


You really, REALLY have to actually try to drop the “student” part of your “student athlete” moniker to get suspended at OSU.


That statement is very inaccurate! OSU swimming takes pride in its high academic standards.


OSU Swimming can take as much pride as they want, but that University has shown that they’ll partner with you to allow you to use the rulebook as an excuse to look for every loophole possible in an effort to allow its student athletes every advantage on the playing field.

So to recap – being left off their roster for nearly any reason – means that person really screwed up. The school does not care. You don’t even have to attend actual classes (you can literally take only online classes with a tutor and just show up to practices/games/meets) or step foot on campus other than team facilities.

Samuli Hirsi

just like any other university does who wants compete big time…. there are no ace recruiters, just good bag men.


To be fair, OSU is a step up academically from ASU




Speaking of MLA swimmers… anyone know what happened to Devon Nowicki?? Hasn’t logged a time (or an instagram post) since summer nats…


he is very quietly preparing for trials


I think he had academic issues as well and couldn’t remain eligible for an entire year. If I remember correctly there was an interview last year where he said he dropped out


Yes, because anytime time Devon swims anything outside of a national meet, the comments section rips him a new one. Best example? This comment on an article that’s not even about him.


thats an awfully weak best example


Since you’re so concerned about what MLA Swimmers are doing 🤨: Devon’s developing another passion of his – coaching swimming to age groupers. He’s amazing at engaging them in practices. He’s training hard and passing his knowledge of the sport forward to the next generation. Maybe worry about your own National Champion swimmer… oh wait. Also, we love you Cam, keep your head up and keep going.


Just curious about the status of your National Champion swimmer given we haven’t seen any news on him since then. So, this felt like the most relevant article to ask. Thanks for the info, I can’t be the only one who was wondering.


As a big college swimming fan I understand why a star missing a few meets is news (I opened the article of course). That said, this post seems designed to provoke exactly the ensuing trollish comments about a college student’s academics and their university.


I’m sorry designed to provoke what, exactly? This is about the dryest report I’ve ever read. If this provokes you…that’s on you.


I stated exactly what it provoked. Not me

Bobo Gigi

The word “star” is really overused these days.


Bobo, I consider him a star in context of US college swimming. That’s what the article is about.


he’s been 5th and 13th in the 200 free at NCAAs. How does that make him a star?


Guess we just have different definitions.


well yes. Those are the only two races he placed in over the course of 2 NCAAs. If that’s your definition, then there are an insane number of stars in the NCAA.


I guess he’s enough of a “star” that there’s an article about him missing three dual meets.

Samuel Huntington

He is a solid, contributing member of a top program. I can see why there is an article regarding his absence.

But I still feel he is not quite a star. As Robert points out, there is potential.


No. By that definition about 99.9% are not ‘stars’


Uh, yes.

We can debate the exact meaning of the word “star,” but Craig gets attention because of his potential impact. He was the 8th-fastest man ever in the 200 yard freestyle as a college freshman after winning a silver medal in the 100 free at Junior Pan Pacs. A particular comment in this article stands out. 🙂


if only there was a luminous, glowing object that could be used as a metaphor to emphasize how he has such a ‘bright future’


A strobe light?

Swim Pop

Well lit Oracle?


Thanks @TXSWIMDAD for defending the kids not at the tippy top of college swimming. It seems to me that being a student athlete at any D1 college is an incredible feat.

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