Caeleb Dressel gives very emotional interview (Video)

Reported by Mitch Bowmile.


Top seed: Nathan Adrian (47.91)
World record: 46.91 – Cesar Cielo (Brazil)
American record: 47.33 – David Walters
U.S Open record: 47.58 – Jason Lezak
U.S Nationals record: 47.58 – Jason Lezak
JR World record: 48.25 – Matheus Santana (Brazil)
2012 Winning Time: 48.10 – Nathan Adrian

It was an absolute dog fight in the men’s 100m freestyle to say the least, and reigning Olympic gold medallist Nathan Adrian managed to come out on top.

With the second fastest time in the world this year, Adrian held off both Caeleb Dressel and Ryan Held in order to grab the win with a 47.72.

Dressel was second in 48.23, securing an individual swim in Rio by just three one-hundredths of a second as Held touched third in 48.26.

Anthony Ervin touched fourth in 48.54, securing his spot on the Olympic team as a relay swimmer. He went out fast, turning in first, but ultimately couldn’t hold on.

Jimmy Feigen was fifth, Blake Pieroni was sixth.

  1. Nathan Adrian (47.72)
  2. Caeleb Dressel (48.23)
  3. Ryan Held (48.26)
  4. Anthony Ervin (48.54)
  5. Jimmy Feigen (48.57)
  6. Blake Pieroni (48.78)
  7. William Copeland (49.12)
  8. Conor Dwyer (49.13)

For official results click here.

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May I just say that I love Caeleb Dressel? He is REAL. He lives in the moment and allows himself to feel and display emotions. It’s refreshing, and it encapsulates how hard swimmers work. I’m personally thrilled he earned his spot on the team, and I know he will do the best he can do and he will be an asset to the US Team. He is fierce.

jack Baker

It is great to see kids like Dressel, Murphy, Rooney, Andrew who are all coming up and taking the torch away from Phelps/Bowman who have been all about building “their brand” and stand offish to other swimmers they compete with. Can’t wait for Phelps to leave the scene and take Bowman and his mother with him. The group of youngsters who WILL be the face of USA Swimming in the future are “good” kids who come from great families and enjoy being around each other and support each other.


I’m not in complete disagreement with you, but Phelps should leave when he is passed up…not just roll over. Can’t fault a guy when he is still getting golds. I say the young guns need to step it up even more.

Irish Ringer

You’re insane.

Irish Ringer

The sold out arena they are swimming in is largely due to the success that Bowman /Phelps have achieved that you so despise.

Irish Ringer

The unprecedented TV coverage and awareness of the sport is largely due to Phelps/Bowman


So is the Beijing am finals and the midnight swims at Rio. wouldn’t happen without Phelps so thanks for nowt!

Irish Ringer

The opportunity for swimmers to earn a living and extend their career is a by product of the success of Phelps


Money again.
I wish we could all make a living from doing our hobby.

Irish Ringer

Michael Andrew, who you mention, having the opportunity to turn pro at 14 was paved by Phelps.

Irish Ringer

Building a brand is not a crime it’s what professionals do.

Irish Ringer

Being spiteful of Phelps mother, that’s something that speaks to your character.


You’re really annoying

samuel huntington

just stop. if you disagree with Jack Baker fine, but don’t be so rude about it.

Justin Thompson

So after what Jack Baker posted you take what the IRISH RINGER said as rude?


It seems greatness is never perfect. Phelps could afford braces and cure that lisp of his — but his swimming is awesome and I can’t help but pull for greatness. I didn’t like everything about Tiger Woods either, but what talent! I have been selfishly rooting for Ryan Held, with whom I have a fourth degree tangential connection and who is a product of NC State swimming. To some it probably seems he came out of nowhere, and even I was cautiously optimistic heading into NCAA champs. But with four-hundredths more he would be swimming the 100 free individually. Now he is a “relay-only” swimmer and I’m not hearing much about him. He seems to be thrilled to make the… Read more »


He is a delight in person – very nice, very humble, the consummate team player, and works his tail off. I am thrilled for him!


Couldn’t agree with you more, I’ve been a fan since seeing him at NCAA’s. Great attitude !


Hard to believe he’s just 19 still. The entire hopes of American sprinting lie with him. And 2 years taking 6 months off, he’s going to rio. The kids gonna be special.


This is a perfect example of why Caeleb almost left the swimming for good. ” The entire hopes of American sprinting lie with him?” Why can’t we just avoid making statements like this and allow our great swimmers to develop at their own pace. The pressures in this sport are already great enough.


Love him!! Good luck to Dressel!!!! ????????????????????

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