British Para Swimming Bullying Scandal Sees Greenwood Out Of New Job

In response to British Swimming releasing results of an independent inquiry into allegations of bullying and an overall ‘culture of fear’ cultivated by the coaching staff of British Para Swimming in recent years, a now-departed coach has lost out on his new job.

Canada’s Edmonton Keyano Swim Club had recently hired former Head Coach of British Para Swimming, Rob Greenwood, but has since withdrawn its offer citing ‘shock’ and ‘disappointment’ over the allegations of its would-be new coach.

Edmonston Keyano Swim Club President, Eugene Chomey told CBC News that Greenwood, “had an immaculate resume, he has immaculate references.

“It was only brought to the board’s attention this past week that an independent investigation was completed in the UK into allegations of bullying by Mr. Greenwood.

“While the board has not been able to secure a copy of that report, recent stories have given us enough reason to part ways before commencement of employment,” said Chomey.

Revealed by British Swimming this week, the independent investigation found an ‘unnamed senior coach’ had used ‘abusive and derogatory’ language towards athletes’, including minors. British Paralympic Association (BPA) CEO Tim Hollingsworth stated that the investigation had revealed an ‘unacceptable’ environment. (The Guardian)

It is understood that British Swimming has not provided any references for Greenwood.

“Our next steps basically include finding the best possible option for our head coach position while continuing to safeguard the best interests of our Edmonton Keyano Swim Club members,” Chomey said.

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Fascinating since I’m pretty sure that the president stated to the club (in writing) that Mr Greenwood had been transparent about the ongoing investigation during the hiring process.

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