Brent Hayden to Compete for the Title of Canada’s Smartest Person

Canadian Olympic bronze medallist Brent Hayden has been chosen to be one of the 32 participants in the CBC‘s television show Canada’s Smartest Person.

Each episode will see four participants compete against each other to have a chance to be among the final eight who will compete in the season finale.

Hayden will be the only athlete in the mix with the other 31 participants who come from several different backgrounds which include; poet, teacher, electrician, firefighter and more. Last year Peter Dyakowski, a lineman from the Hamilton Tiger-Cats of the CFL took the title.

Hayden’s first taste will be outsmarting a law student, psychiatric nursing student and audio-visiual artist.


Braden Lauer
Law Student from Vancouver, BC

Alea Ciecko
Psychiatric Nursing Student from Winnipeg, MB

Brent Hayden
Olympian, Private Swim Coach, Photographer from Vancouver, BC

Dipna Horra
Audio-Visual Artist from Ottawa, ON

The show is looking to redefine the definition of intelligence by testing each week’s participants in six different categories; musical, physical, social, logical, visual and linguistic.

The process the show will use to determine the winner is based on The Theory of Multiple Intelligences. 

The CBC website explains how they will be testing participants:

There is no standardized test to measure Multiple Intelligences. There are some reliable assessments that can help people identify their strengths. However, Gardner argues that standardized tests are not always the best means for identifying intelligence. They are often limited to calculations entailing paper and pencil, or computer keyboards, and don’t take into account a range of intelligences.

The challenges in Canada’s Smartest Person have been designed to draw on resources and tools that reflect various real-life applications of the intelligences.

Each episode will be filmed in front of a live studio audience.

The show will premiere this evening at 8 pm EST.

To find out more about the program go to the show’s official website.




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6 years ago

And we have the Kardashians……

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