Brazilian Court Rules to Reopen Ryan Lochte’s Case

On Monday, a Brazilian judge ruled against Ryan Lochte’s lawyer’s request to terminate proceedings in his case. The decision was then forwarded to the prosecutor, who had 15 days to get the case back to court.

Today, USA Today reported that an appellate court has ruled in favor of continuing the criminal case against Lochte.

The Rio de Janeiro prosecutor’s office is asking that the case continue on its merits while an appellate court decides whether or not the charges will stand.

Ostrow said an appellate court would decide whether the charges should have been brought while prosecutors are asking the court to allow the case to continue on the merits. Lochte’s attorneys will attempt to stay that case pending ruling from the appellate court, he said.

“I’m disappointed that they’re trying to take another shot at it,” Lochte’s, Jeff Ostrow, told USA Today. “I think they should just let it die because they lost and because he didn’t do anything wrong. But for whatever reason, they want to try to save face and continue this charade, let them do what they gotta do, and we’ll continue to fight it because we believe we’re right.”

Lochte, along with Jimmy FeigenJack Conger and Gunnar Bentz,was involved in a gas station vandalism incident that resulted in a false robbery report during the 2016 Rio Olympic Games in August. In an interview with NBC, Lochte alleged the swimmers had been robbed at gunpoint when returning from a party in Rio. It was later confirmed that Lochte’s story had been fabricated.

Initially, Lochte was charged with falsely communicating a crime report to authorities, but it was concluded that the NBC interview didn’t constitute a false report. Additionally, because police sought an official report from Lochte (rather than him coming to them, for example), the original court determined that he could not be charged with the false report crime.

At this point, no timeline for the proceedings is clear.


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Justin Thompson

No kidding. Get over it.


Maybe because he broke the law?

Philip Johnson

What specific laws?


Bring him to Justice.

crooked donald

Well, it is Indictment Weekend.

judy De Haven

Good one! First laugh of the day.


Glad to see that the global sense of humour failure has its limits. Bring the Goober to Justice ??

Philip Johnson

Oh what?

Jay ryan

Whoop-dee-freakin’-doo! They must not have enough to do in the Brazilian courts. The boys were out after the Olympics, and they did not vandalize a bathroom (as is clarified in the USA Today story). Rather the lav was locled, so they peed behind a gas station and pulled a poster from a wall. They were then strong-armed at gunpoint for a small amt of money (~$50-100) by off duty policemen moonlighting as security guards. Ryan tweeted it to his mom, and the story gained momentum as a robbery at gunpoint, which actually is not far from the truth, given the fact that the officers were not acting in their official capacity. Certainly “on the spot” fines are not normal justice… Read more »

ice age swimmer

Amen Jay!!!

Scott Morgan

I guess you are fine with his behaviour? Some people are not. Either way, your excuses for the actions of a senior Olympic team member seem sad.

Jay ryan

I am not cool with the behavior. I said it wasn’t the crime they made it out to be. He served his team punishment (suspension) for his embarrassing conduct. I still like Ryan Lochte. He has been good for the sport, overall.

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