Bob Bowman Hires Misty Hyman As New Assistant Coach At Arizona State

Video Courtesy of Swimming World Magazine.

Bob Bowman has announced his biggest hire as head coach of the men’s and women’s Arizona State swim teams. During the alumni dinner this evening, Bowman announced Misty Hyman will be joining his staff.

“I didn’t know we could get a candidate that is this exceptional” – Bob Bowman

Hyman is an Olympic Gold Medalist and former world record holder. Months after missing the Olympic Team in 1996, she went on to break the World Record in the 100 butterfly. Four years later, she qualified for the US Olympic Team and won a gold medal in the 200 meter fly.

As a college swimmer at Stanford, she twice received the Honda Sports Award for Swimming and Diving, recognizing her as the outstanding college female swimmer of the year in 1997–98 and again in 2000–01.

Below is her race video from the 2000 Olympics in Sydney:

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6 years ago

The only WR Misty ever had was SCM 100 Fly…never the 200.

NM Coach
Reply to  Olsswim05
6 years ago

She “ONLY” got the Olympic Record.

Sink or Swim
6 years ago

Almost out shines the hire of Bowman, Misty is first class athlete and more importantly a leader with passion for the sport that is evident in her coaching. Congratulations Misty and ASU!!

Sink or Swim
6 years ago

Almost outshines the hire of Coach Bowman. Misty is a first class competitor who has great leadership qualities and a passion for the sport of swimming that is evident in her coaching. Congratulations Misty and ASU!!!

Lane Four
6 years ago

This is wonderful! She has been there….to the very top of the mountain and knows how to win. Great great opportunity for all involved.

6 years ago

Misty did brake the 100 fly SCM world record in 96, but never held a 200 fly WR. Susie O’neill did not break Mary T. Meagher’s 1981 200 fly WR until May of 2000.

Gina Rhinestone
6 years ago

The Bob Mike & Misty Show is better value for ASU than the $500, 000 it handed over to The Clintons Trio for several hours over 3 days last year.

bobo gigi
6 years ago

Very nice addition.
Great job Bob.

6 years ago

A really exciting hire–nicely done.

And that video has me all choked up, good lord.

After reading Pat Forde’s Ledecky article from the other day, I was thinking of the beautiful audacity of walking out on the pool deck for your first Olympic final and calmly, pleasantly knowing it’s your race to win. Nothing about that setting–giant crowd, undefeated home hero, Olympic rings emblazoned everywhere–should make anyone think, “I got this.”

Unless that’s how you pictured it would happen for the last four years. Which might be why, while the celebration at the end brings me to near-Hoosiers-level tears, my favorite part of the above video is Misty smiling behind the blocks before the gun goes off. That is… Read more »

Reply to  Daaaave
6 years ago

Had me verklempt too!

Reply to  Daaaave
6 years ago

Loved watching that race again too ! what a butterflyer she was back in 2,000 . Perfect balanced tachnique , super drive in the rythm and the the last turn !!! that’s a masterpiece for the win .

Lane Four
Reply to  Daaaave
6 years ago

Wonderfully said, DAAAAVE! Could not be said any better.

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