Daniel Barth


"Make every day your masterpiece."
-John Wooden

Daniel Barth

Daniel Barth has been a swim fanatic from the day that he entered the pool. Given the award of “does breaststroke kick for every stroke” by several of his age group coaches, he was always naturally inclined towards breaststroke. While his teammates found it to be a laughable feat, he took pride in the fact that all of his breaststroke times were faster than his freestyler times. Despite his swimming career ending halfway through high school, his passion for the sport of swimming continues in the areas of both coaching and writing.



Daniel currently attends Boise State University in Idaho where he is pursuing a degree in Marketing. Being an avid sports fan, he can be found at nearly every sporting event on campus. He is also on the leadership team with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes on campus.



Daniel was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, where he graduated from Horizon High School in Scottsdale. Growing up, he tried several different sports, but gravitated towards both swim and karate the most. Splitting time between both swim and karate all through elementary and middle school, in high school he made the decision to focus solely on karate. He has had his black belt for several years now and teaches classes for both children and adults. He went on to win three State Championships and one National Championship in karate. Driven by the unexpected success he experienced all through high school, he is now competing in hopes of earning a spot on the United States National Team for karate.