Banned Fraser-Holmes Cut-off Financially, Told To Leave Team Hotel

After having been banned 12 months for missing 3 drug tests, Australian swimmer Thomas Fraser-Holmes has now been officially cut from the Dolphins national team. Staying in Monaco set to compete at the first stop of the European Mare Nostrum series, Fraser-Holmes was excused from the team hotel before competition begins tomorrow, June 10th, while also being given directives regarding his domestic training and Swimming Australia income.

Per a report appearing in The Daily Telegraph, Swimming Australian High Performance head Wayne Lomas told Fraser-Holmes (TFH) that the athlete can ‘no longer be a part of the Australian Team or Australian Team set-up including training with Australian coaches and other swimmers.’

‘Regarding your ongoing training upon your return to Australia,’ reads an email to TFH from Lomas, obtained by The Daily Telegraph, ‘our lawyer has advised that nothing contained within the sanction prevents you from training in a public facility, but you are not able to train under the guidance of an ASCTA Accredited Coach or Coach in any way connected to Swimming Australia through funding or membership.’

In November of last year, TFH had moved to train at Bond University to train alongside Olympian Cameron McEvoy. However, now due to his ban, Lomas instructed the 400m IM finalist can continue training at Bond, but must do so at a time completely separate from the rest of the squad.

Concerning his stipend as a member of the national team Lomas also communicated to TFH that, ‘payments from Swimming Australia must also cease.’  Lomas further conveyed, ‘I know that this must be a very difficult time for you and reiterate to you that your wellbeing is paramount to all of us as we collectively navigate the legal requirements of the Anti Doping Policies and ensure the care of you.’

Per his lawyer, Fraser-Holmes plans to appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport concerning his ban. There is still no word yet on the fates of fellow Aussies Madeline Groves and Jarrod Poort, both of whom also failed to be located for 3 tests.

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3 years ago

Ghosted. So harsh

3 years ago

Might is the operative word.

Ex Quaker
3 years ago

Swimming Australia: “Hey China! Send us your tainted athletes! We’ll take good care of ’em!”

Also Swimming Australia: “TFH missed some tests? Get the f**k out.”

Reply to  Ex Quaker
3 years ago

Firstly the coach who is taking on the Chinese swimmers is NOT running a squad/program designated as a “Podium Centre” and therefore receiving major SAL funding unlike the previous situation with Dennis Cotterall at Miami. Indeed Brown is not even running an “elite” program at this stage and is not even receiving Queensland Academy of Sport funding. He has to pay the bills somehow and this deal is between him and the Chinese in question; SAL is not a party to the transaction.

Whilst its somewhat puzzling why they would’ve considered taking such a risk as naming swimmers with these matters pending for such a competition; procedurally they had no alternative other than to do as they have now done.

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