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Without Failure, You Can Never Succeed

Failure is awesome and you need it! Without failure, you can never succeed. Without failure, you can never grow. Without…

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How to Get Into a GREAT Swimming Mindset! (VIDEO)

Will Jonathan breaks down a 5-point check list of how to get into a great swimming mindset.

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Learning To Love Yourself

The sport of swimming has a tendency to expose your flaws. It’s a brutal and at times agonizing sport that can really take its toll on a person.


You Have To Have Fun

Sometimes, having an intense desire for something can actually be a bad thing.

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Actions Speak Louder Than Words

What does it mean to care about swimming? What is the barometer for determining whether or not a person actually really does genuinely care about their swimming and what they want achieve within the sport?

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How To Mentally Cope With Success In The Pool

As a swimmer, if and when you start to rack up some great times and generate some success for yourself, then here are some modes of thinking you want to consider so that you can properly mentally cope with that success and keep it from negatively affecting you as you move forward.

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Do It For The Memories

I have a confession to make. My confession is that I’m a pure land mammal. I was never a swimmer like you are.

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How To Not Let Bad Results Affect You

As an athlete, one of the absolute most important things that will define your career is how you respond to the results you experience.

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How To Mentally Cope With Your Taper

With championship seasons popping up over the next few months for all levels of college swimming across the US, I wanted to discuss a topic that every college swimmer can relate to and utilize going into their championship meets: The importance of mentally coping with the tapering process.

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Self-Compassionate Swimming

You have a big swim meet coming up, and you have a month until the meet arrives.

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How To Stop Feeling Nervous Before You Race

As someone who works with swimmers all over the country on a weekly basis, one of the most common reasons why a client comes to me, by far, is the following:


Developing Internal Confidence

There’s very much a connection between the mind, the body, and our physical actions where everything is interconnected and linked to one another.


10 Fundamentals Of A Peak Swimming Mindset

Your mind is, by far, the most important asset you possess as a swimmer. It’s the most potent weapon you possess in your arsenal.

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The Best Way To Win

Ian Thorpe once said this: “When I go out and race, I’m not trying to beat opponents.

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