Australian Olympians on Twitter: The Complete List

The Australians have gotten in more trouble, at least with the local leaders and media, than any other country in the world for their use of social media. From the “gun show” pictures of Nick D’Arcy and Kenrick Monk, to Stephanie Rice’s self-shot swimsuit pictures (and we’re not talking about knee-skins), the Australians really know how to get a rise out of their critics.

But to the contrary, the fans love it, especially in Rice’s case. Many other fans banded behind Monk and D’Arcy after they were punished for what many saw as a harmless picture, seemingly pushing aside past transgressions.

Though D’Arcy and Monk have been banished from social media through the Olympics, others are there in full-force. In the country of Australia, where there may be the most to be gained by succeeding in social media, the Aussies play the game as well as anybody.

To keep track of the Australian Olympians, check out this list and hit “subscribe” on the left side of the screen. If you’re not on Twitter, just bookmark this page – the feed will be live here throughout the duration!

US Olympic Twitters
Canadian Olympic Twitters
British Olympic Twitters



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8 years ago


Thomas Fraser-Holmes has twitter:!/tomfraserholmes

8 years ago

I have a twitter account but never use it and I don’t follow anyone. What am I missing out on?

I’m curious…….

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