Australia Announces Selection Procedures For Commonwealth Games

Swimming Australia will select its team for the 2018 Commonwealth Games at the Australian Swimming Trials in February and March of 2018.

That’s about a month out of the start of the 2018 Commonwealth Games, which will take place at home on the Gold Coast of Australia. The selection meet runs Feb 28 – March 3, 2018 while Commonwealths run April 5-10, 2018.

Australia will select up to 50 members to its Commonwealth Games team, although there is no requirement that all 50 slots be filled. Here’s a quick look at the selection priority, per the official selection procedures:

  • Priority 1:
    • Top 3 finishers in each individual Olympic event who beat the Swimming Australia A qualifying time selected
  • Priority 2:
    • Top 2 finishers in 100 fly, back and breast considered for selection regardless of the qualifying time in order to fill the medley relay.
    • Top 2 in 100 free and 200 free selected to fill free relays.
    • 3rd-8th in 100 free and 200 free considered for selection as relay only swimmers, at the discretion of Swimming Australia Selection Panel.
  • Priority 3:
    • Top 3 finishers in non-Olympic events (50 fly, back, breast) who beat the A qualifying time selected
  • Priority 4:
    • If 3 athletes haven’t been selected in an event, the top 3 finishers who beat the Swimming Australia B qualifying time will be considered.

The A cuts (not listed in the official selection criteria as of yet) will be the 8th place time heading into finals at the 2017 World Championships. The B cuts are last year’s FINA A cut times. We’ve compiled that chart below:

Men A Men B Women A Women B
21.77 22.47 50 free 24.59 25.18
48.31 48.93 100 free 53.20 54.90
1:46.28 1:47.73 200 free 1:56.34 1:58.68
3:46.14 3:48.15 400 free 4:06.48 4:10.57
800 free 8:30.66 8:36.56
14:59.32 15:12.79 1500 free
23.31 23.67 50 fly 25.73 26.49
51.31 52.29 100 fly 57.64 58.48
1:55.58 1:57.28 200 fly 2:07.82 2:09.77
24.84 25.29 50 back 27.60 28.52
53.76 54.06 100 back 59.82 1:00.61
1:56.11 1:58.55 200 back 2:07.64 2:11.53
26.96 27.51 50 breast 30.49 31.22
59.24 1:00.35 100 breast 1:06.81 1:07.58
2:08.80 2:11.11 200 breast 2:23.81 2:25.91
1:57.81 2:00.22 200 IM 2:10.45 2:13.41
4:15.69 4:17.90 400 IM 4:37.14 4:43.06

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Those A marks are, for the most part, r3easonably exacting ones and I can forsee a number of events on either side where there may be no one hitting that mark and relatively few with 3 qualifiers. Regrettably, being an event at home, selectors will be more charitable than they should. The following are my current reads re number of A qualifiers per event: MEN: 50fr: 1 at best with McEvoy the most likely suspect but would need to be on top form 100fr: a relatively soft mark where I feel the top 4 finishers at least to be inside 200fr: a fairly testing mark; may see 2 make it (outside chance of 3) 400fr: fairly soft mark, should see… Read more »


How many golds are we anticipating for the home team? I can’t see too many soft golds… Perhaps Peaty the only soft golds in the 50/100br? Maybe Ben Proud in the 50fr/50fl… Perhaps Mack Horton with Guy bypassing 400fr…

I would say McKeon in 200fr/100fl but the Canadian girls & now Titmus will mount real challenges. I see far fewer clear favourites than usual, that’s a good thing.


Men: 50fr: Proud …. raffle off the minors 100fr: open race between Scott and whichever Australian(s) may be on their game 200fr: Guy & Scott look the favourites, maybe an Australian can rise from the ruck of 1.46ers ? 400fr: Horton looks the favourite. Possible AUS podium sweep w McKeon & McLoughlin but both erratic performers 1500fr: Horton clear favourite. Minors between McLoughlin & Jervis 50back: Anyone’s guess. Little real quality on 2017 performances 100back: Larkin on form = who’s 2nd/3rd. 2017 Larkin = lottery with Main (NZ), other AUS, Greenbank, Aczevedo (CAN) 200back: similar scenario to 100 50brs: Peaty … VDB ..hold a raffle for bronze 100brs: Peaty prohibitive favourite. VDB’s decline opens up minors with possibility of a… Read more »


Men’s 200 free: Chas Le Clos is also a factor.
Women’s 50&100brs: I think Atkinson will participate?


Agree LeClos could be a 200fr factor if he swims the event. Would still have Guy & Scott ranked ahead of him

Atkinson would probably be favourite in 50brs IF she competes. 100brs … in the mix


Schooling is a factor in the 100 free if he races it


The more pertinent question is ….will he even be there ? He recently hinted that that is far from certain.

As to his 100fr prospects, it would depend on how fast the race is. If Scott and at least one of the Australians are in sub48 shape then he’s bronze at very best. If its a slow race then your scenario is more in play.


I don’t know enough about the form of the many swimmers who’ll be there but if I had to stick my neck out and name the most likely double gold medallists, for the men it would be Mitch Larkin in the 100/200BK and for the women Ariarne Titmus in the 400/800FS.


IF it were the case that Larkin was in his 2015 form, or even 2016 form, then your scenario is totally valid but if he continues his 2017 form-line then “all bets are off”.

Disagree re Titmus. Whilst her recent 400fr quite probably makes her an early favourite, Carlin (WAL) has a faster PB. As for the 800, she has only one swim of note (2017 AUS Nats) and she bombed at Worlds. As it is, both Carlin & Ashwood have PBs well in advance of Titmus’ current PB.

As for most likely double gold, Peaty (50/100brs) would have to be the safest bet going round


I should have clarified that I meant Olympic events(i’ve never been a fan of the 50’s).

Mitch Larkin appears to be returning to form. He looked pretty good at the Queensland titles, particularly in the 200BK.

Picking a double-gold medallist in the women’s events is really hard. Even though Carlin and Ashwood have loweer PB’s in the 800, I gave it to Titmus because Carlin appears to have had a long post-Olympics break and is nowhere near top form while Ashwood I believe was beaten handsomely by Ttitmus in Queensland. Always go for the up and comer I say!


Re Larkin, whilst I cannot comment on how he “looked”, his times (especially his 100) did not suggest anything like his 2015 & 2016 form at state meets where he would at least have been swimming 53s and 1.55s. IF we see some better times at either VIC or NSW, then certainly we can re-calibrate but I’m only going on evidence of times currently at hand. As for Titmus, she has had an excellent 2017 and her Queensland 200/400 were certainly a promising season opener but, as yet, I am not completely sold on her at 800. So far, evidence is pointing more to 200/400 being her optimal races. As for “up and comers”, the evidence of the past decade… Read more »

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