Austin Surhoff Launches Fike Signature Suit

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January 27th, 2021 Gear, Industry, News

Every ambassador at Fike Swim gets to design their own Signature Suit.  It’s a process we’re extremely proud of, as it gives the athletes a stake in the company they represent and benefits them directly, as 20% of each sale goes to the ambassador.  Our newest ambassador, Austin Surhoff, is thrilled to launch a suit that is as unique as he is.  

“I chose a bandana for inspiration on my Fike Swim Signature Suit because I walk the path of the rogue as a professional swimmer, and the bandana is the eternal symbol of the American outlaw.  From cowboys, to Teddy Roosevelt, to rock stars, the bandana has been worn as a badge by those who refuse to settle for what they are “supposed” to do in life.  I forge past what I’m supposed to do every day:

  • You’re not supposed to keep getting faster in your 30s.  
  • You’re not supposed to coach yourself.  
  • You’re not supposed to transform from a 400 IMer into a sprinter.  

But I do those things anyway — because I refuse to settle.  I proudly wear the bandana design on my Signature Suit as a reminder that sometimes what you’re supposed to do, isn’t always what you are meant to do.  So if you’ve got an outlaw side, or ever felt like an outsider, or have the urge to explore everything life has to offer, I designed this suit for you.  Never stop exploring, never stop forging your own path.” -Austin 

As you can see, his suits turned out beautifully.  You can get yours and see all of the ambassadors’ awesome signature suits here.  

You can support Austin on his journey to Tokyo by following him on social:

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About Fike Swim

“We design products exclusively for the toughest athletes in the world.  We unapologetically place swimmers on a pedestal.  The rigors they embrace on a daily basis can only be understood by another swimmer and they deserve a company focused 100% on helping them succeed.  Whether you’re just starting out or training for Tokyo, we stand behind you.”

-James Fike, Founder

Fike Swim Products was born when founder James Fike put a brick on top of a kickboard and transformed just another legs-only kick set into a total body workout felt into the next day.  Since then it’s been our mission to create unique swim equipment with the single-minded goal of making you faster.  We don’t sell toys.  We create tools to help you reach your potential.

Fike Swim is a SwimSwam ad partner.

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Swim Fan
2 months ago

Incredible! Ordering mine now!

2 months ago

Didn’t even plug it in the podcast interview!

Austin Surhoff
Reply to  CraigH
2 months ago

🤦🏻‍♂️Tell me about it!

2 months ago

WTF brand is Fike swim, sounds like a bold attempt to play-off Nike’s brand name lol.

Reply to  Anonaswimmer
2 months ago

James Fike’s company. It’s his name, so not even close.

Austin Surhoff
Reply to  Anonaswimmer
2 months ago

Literally the name of the founder lol

Reply to  Anonaswimmer
2 months ago think the knowledge you sought was a click a way and probably faster getting the right answer then writing this and put on blast..