Ariarne Titmus’ Coach Dean Boxall: Coaching Is An Art Form (Video)

SwimSwam’s 2018 Swammy Award winner for Oceania Coach of the Year Dean Boxall has proven he has a special connection with his athletes and possesses the ability to conjure the best performances out of the elite talent prolific on his St. Peters Western squad.

Boxall slid into the head coaching role at St. Peters when former head coach Michael Bohl moved on to Griffith University, giving Boxall the lead role at the storied club that Olympic medalist Mitch Larkin and speedsters Jack Cartwright and Clyde Lewis also call home.

Another big name under Boxall’s tutelage is teenager Ariarne Titmus, the Tasmanian titan who accomplished a historic feat at the 2019 world Championships by beating American icon Katie Ledecky in the 400m freestyle. Conquering Ledecky with a winning time of 3:58.76 to the American’s 3:59.97 in Gwangju, Titmus became the only woman to have ever beaten Ledecky in a distance event at a major international competition.

Regarded as an unconventional coach among the Aussie green and gold, Boxall says in the vignette above that he views ‘coaching as an art form.’ The 41-year-old says that it’s all about ‘trying to get the best out of people, people who are aspiring to be the best.’

Titmus attests to Boxall’s effectiveness, stating, “he knows exactly what to do to get the best out of me.”

Hear more about the intense, yet effective bond between Coach Boxall and Titmus in the video, courtesy of Swimming Australia.

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1 year ago

well he seems like a whacko…

Reply to  swimcoach24
1 year ago

SWIMCOACH24…when you’re wearing coke bottle glasses you don’t see beyond one dimensional personalities…..

Reply to  swimcoach24
1 year ago

In the article linked, Boxall said that he’s never picked up a textbook about swimming technique.
Imo some hints about starts, turns and underwaters could be more useful for Titmus than every military speech..

Perth Mom
Reply to  swimcoach24
1 year ago

“Unconventional.” “Eccentric.” We know what these code words mean. As Titmus states in the video herself–“nuts”. It seems as though Boxall likes a couple of scoops of sadism in each of his five cups of coffee. Have we really gotten to the point in Australia where we want our swimmers fat-shamed, bullied, and being coached in a manner that glorifies militaristic “killing” in order just to win a medal? Is this the spirit of the Olympic movement?

1 year ago

I’m glad that Ledecky’s sickness was never used as an excuse of losing to Titmus in 400 race. 3:58.76 shown by Titmus is an outstanding result comparable to Katie’s best wins. It’s just a petty that she came with it when the 3:56 is a standard already. Otherwise it would be taken as the shocking performance that has broken Pellegrini’s incredible high-tech suit record as it was in the case of 17 years old Ledecky.
Regarding coach’s style of repeating at each possible occasion that his swimmer is the #1. The attempt to improve swimmer’s confidence this way may be a good thing to do when she is on the rise. But what will happen to a swimmer when… Read more »

Reply to  Yozhik
1 year ago

I’m not sure about that..Ledecky had gone 3:57 at the Grand Prix in Indy not too long before, and she’s both an in-season swimmer and a big meet swimmer. I think at a healthy level she would’ve for sure been able to go sub-3:58, and I really doubt she would’ve, healthy, let Titmus beat her (however Titmus would have, in the end, have given an incredible performance against her

Reply to  swimfast
1 year ago

This is an article about Titmus and her coach. Ledecky’s performance in 2019 season both in-season and at WC deserves a separate discussion. The 3:57 was shown in May 2018. My first reaction on her 15:48.90 in prelim race before I got known about her hospital visit was that she is experiencing a strong psychological stress after losing 400 race. Most likely that on the first day of competition at WC she has already had some health issues. But it was never mentioned. And that is what I like about her.

Corn Pop
Reply to  swimfast
1 year ago

Ffs , its over , she lost . Life goes on .

1 year ago

Courtesy of Swimming Australia as it is, this seems to be a weak attempt to counter the charges of fat shaming and militarism leveled by Australian media about Boxall’s SPW program following the suspension of his swimmer Shayna Jack for Ligandrol use. We still do not know what happened there. Titmus has spoken openly of her own use of (batch-tested) supplements btw.

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