Announcing SwimSwam Surge, What’s Trending in Swimming

We know we put out a lot of content. We like to think that some of you like it – seeing swimming results and following storylines from around the world gives you the full picture of the sport.

But, sometimes, you want to make sure you saw the biggest stories, and participated (or lurked on) the best conversations. And for that, we have two solutions.

  1. Register for our email newsletter. We will send it out once a week. It will be good stuff. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to register.
  2. SwimSwam Surge.

This is something we’re really excited about, and have been working on designing with our development team from Devrix. This page will show you the most read articles, the most commented discussions, and the most retweeted Tweets, so that you never miss out on the biggest.

Worried about losing track of a good debate over the merits of 5,000 yard workouts versus 5,200 yard workouts? The SwimSwam Surge page will keep those conversations hot until they reach their inevitable conclusion (what’s swimming’s version of Godwin’s law?). Missed the big news that Michael Phelps is announcing this week? Surge is the place to go. Think of it as a second home page, for just the sweetest of swimming candy.

Have feedback or ideas for new features? Let us know in the comments, and if we like them too, we’ll add them to our list. We’re working on integrating Instagram posts as well.

Check it out at the link below. There’s also a link on the home page, right under the news slider:

SwimSwam Surge

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Years of Plain Suck

Will it have stories with Bobo lambasting American politics (while at the same time linking to 2008 Olympic videos), followed by G.I.N.A cracking wise and setting him straight with her shrewd analysis of world events and proper Rio gas station behavior? Will Prickle, Common Wombat, CraigH, and Joel Lin be throwing in their two cents? Will it have links to three year old Swim Swam articles so that we can see how well the comments have aged? Will the amazing Lauren Nedeigh be a headliner? Sounds intriguing.

Steve Nolan

Just find a way to throw all those college commitment posts into one giant weekly thing and I’m a happy camper.

Steve Nolan

And maybe help me get all these German, French and Hindi posts out of my RSS feed, haha. (Though I do want to learn a new language…)


Is there an RSS feed set up? Been looking but have not found.

Yes. We’re working on this. We agreed with you.


Off topic I guess: But, Elizabeth Beisel is competing in Santa Clara it says in the article on USA swimming.

phelps swims 200 breast rio


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