All the Links You Need for the 2018 U.S. Nationals

by Robert Gibbs 20

July 25th, 2018 National, News


It’s just shy of 18 hours until the 2018 US National Championships kick off in sunny Irvine, California, and here at SwimSwam, we’re just as excited as you are.

While we’re a bit shook at the loss of some big names just in the past few days, there’s still plenty to get hyped about.  Not least is a trio of recent college stars who turned pro this spring and who each just signed a suit deal: Caeleb Dressel, Katie Ledecky, and Simone Manuel.  But there’s plenty of grizzled veterans and young whippersnappers who all will be vying for spots on one of the umpteen teams that will be selected for international competition on the basis of this week’s results.

If you’ve yet to enter to our Pick ‘Em Contest, we’ve extended the deadline until Wednesday morning for all you procrastinating types (you’re busy, we totally get it, but you can multitask while you’re binge watching your favorite show).  Feel free to peruse all of our event previews as you make your picks.  Go ahead, leave a comment telling us how much whiffed in the picks by leaving your favorite swimmer out of the top three.  Or, better yet, feel free to leave a comment letting us know just how impressed you are by our collective wit and wisdom.  We like those comments, too.

When you wake up tomorrow, make sure you know how to watch both prelims and finals, and look here to keep an eye on the official results  or on Meet Mobile under “2018 Phillips 66 National Champs.”  And keep checking SwimSwam for live recaps, interviews, updates, news, and analysis all week long.

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Best streaming options?


it doesn’t seem to have been given as yet ….


Prelims livestream link anyone?


If you go to the USA Swimming website, you can click on the “Deck Pass Live” link. Worked for me, but I have xfinity, so I’m not sure whether it will work for others. Hope this helps!


Boo. Omega results.


No kidding. Opening a PDF for each event on a phone is a horrible user experience!


They need to just get with the times and have the Real Time Results up for mobile users. Heat sheets out yet for today?

Robert Gibbs

The meet just popped up on Meet Mobile this morning. 2018 Phillips 66 National Champs.


I almost pissed myself with excitement when I saw it in meet mobile

Andrea McHugh

Not on mine. Nothing comes up under that


If you search for “Irvine” it pops up as well


I searched Irvine and that pulled up both the meet and time trials as well.


Meet mobile may just be the worst app of all time

Ivy Swammer

What is the rationale for making 2018 the selection criteria for 2019 worlds?




To discourage the top swimmers from taking an “easy year” in the wake of Rio and 2017 Worlds, and keep them sharp in the build up to Tokyo. I don’t necessarily agree with that reasoning, but it’s a big factor.