All The Links and Info You Need for the 2013 FINA World Swimming Championships

The FINA World Swimming Championships begin on Sunday, July 28th and run for 8 days until Sunday, August 4th, 2013. They will be swum in Barcelona, Spain, at a temporary pool set up in the Palau Sant Jordi.

Below are all of the links and information that you’ll need to follow the World Championships.

SwimSwam Coverage

As soon as Start Lists are released, we will have a Pick ‘Em Contest, of course.
Our full coverage can be found by going to this landing page, or clicking any of the links on the sidebar at the right.

Remember how we only had three people to cover the entire Olympic Trials and Olympic Games last year? Well, this year we’ve got 12 people covering the World Championships. Yes, that’s 12 people. You might as well tell your boss that you won’t be coming into work, tell your boyfriends and girlfriends that you won’t be taking them on any dates, and cancel all of your swim practices, because we’re going to have content rolling almost 24 hours a day.


The prelims begin at 10:00 AM Barcelona time, and will run between two and three hours (the first day’s prelims will be the longest, at a marathon four hours long). Finals will begin at 6PM Barcelona time, and will be roughly two hours long each.

Around the world, those times equate to:

Los Angeles/Vancouver: 1AM/9AM
Denver: 2AM/10AM
U.S. Central Time (Chicago/Houston): 3AM/11AM
U.S. East Coast Time (NYC/Montreal/Florida): 4AM/Noon
Rio de Janiero, Brazil: 5AM/1PM
London: 9AM/5PM
Paris/Berlin/Brussels/Budapest: 10AM/6PM
Johannesburg, South Africa: 10AM/6PM
Helsinki: 11AM/7PM
Moscow: Noon/8PM
Jakarta, Indonesia: 3PM/11PM
Beijing: 4PM/Midnight
Tokyo/Seoul: 5PM/1AM (next day)
Perth, Western Australia: 4PM/Midnight
Sydney: 6PM/2AM (next day)
Aukland, New Zealand: 8PM/4AM (next day)

Broadcasts On-Air

With the exception of Australia, who shockingly has no broadcast of the meet, most of the world will be able to watch the meet on their television in some form-or-fashion. See that full clearing list here.

The schedule of coverage on Universal Sports and NBC for those in the United States is here.
The schedule of coverage on Sportsnet in Canada is here.
The schedule of coverage on BBC in the UK is here (anchored by Rebecca Adlington).

Those in Europe can pay for the EuroSport player and watch the meet streaming online here.

Internet Streams

Other than those in Europe or other applicable zones for EuroSport, we know of NO available internet streams. Keep in mind that we are not allowed to share any links to “bootlegged” feeds, as it would violate our credentialing agreement with FINA and broadcast rights of various organizations. One will likely circulate on social media, however.

On demand video highlights will be avaialble in these countries (including Australia and New Zealand), will be available on FINA.TV every day. For those in the United States, we will continue, as we have been all week, to provide video highlights after each finals competition through our partnership with Universal Sports.


Live Results will be available here through OmegaTiming when the meet starts.
Full, PDF results will be available here through

Start Lists

After the final coaches’ meeting, the start lists will be posted here on

Event Schedule/TimeLines

Day 1
Sun. 28 July
Day 2
Mon. 29 July
Day 3
Tue. 30 July
Day 4
Wed. 31 July
H 10.00-13.45 H 10.00-12.45 H 10.00-12.45 H 10.00-12.10
100m Butterfly W 100m Back W 50m Breast M 50m Back W
400m Free M 100m Back M 200m Free W 100m Free M
200m IM W 100m Breast W 200m Butterfly M 200m Butterfly W
50m Butterfly M 200m Free M 800m Free M 200m IM M
400m Free W 1500m Free W    
100m Breast M      
4x100m Free W      
4x100m Free M      
F 18.00-20.05 F 18.00-19.50 F 18.00-20.10 F 18.00-20.00
100m Butterfly W SF 100m Breast M 200m Free M 100m Free M SF
400m Free M 100m Butterfly W 100m Back W 50m Back W SF
200m IM W SF 100m Back M SF 50m Breast M SF 200m Butterfly M
50m Butterfly M SF 100m Breast W SF 1500m Free W 200m Free W
400m Free W 50m Butterfly M 100m Back M 50m Breast M
100m Breast M SF 100m Back W SF 200m Free W SF 200m Butterfly W SF
4x100m Free W 200m Free M SF 200m Butterfly M SF 200m IM M SF
4x100m Free M 200m IM W 100m Breast W 800m Free M
Day 5
Thu. 1 August
Day 6
Fri. 2 August
Day 7
Sat. 3 August
Day 8
Sun. 4 August
H 10.00-12.45 H 10.00-12.45 H 10.00-13.00 H 10.00-12.30
100m Free W 50m Free M 50m Free W 400m IM M
200m Back M 50m Butterfly W 50m Back M 400m IM W
200m Breast W 100m Butterfly M 50m Breast W 4x100m Medley M
200m Breast M 200m Back W 1500m Free M 4x100m Medley W
4x200m Free W 4x200m Free M    
  800m Free W    
F 18.00-20.10 F 18.00-20.30 F 18.00-20.10 F 18.00-20.25
100m Free W SF 100m Free W 50m Butterfly W 50m Back M
200m IM M 200m Back M 50m Free M 50m Breast W
200m Breast W SF 200m Back W SF 200m Back W 400m IM M
100m Free M 50m Free M SF 50m Breast W SF 50m Free W
200m Butterfly W 200m Breast W 100m Butterfly M 1500m Free M
200m Breast M SF 100m Butterfly M SF 50m Free W SF 400m IM W
50m Back W 50m Butterfly W SF 50m Back M SF 4x100m Medley M
200m Back M SF 200m Breast M 800m Free W 4x100m Medley W
4x200m Free W 4x200m Free M    


– H = Heats
– SF = Semi Finals
– F = Finals

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Will there be a pick ’em contest for this meet or did I just miss it?


Do we know when the final coaches’ meeting ends?
For the sake of my predictions, there’s 2 people whose schedule I’m particularly interested in: Kosuke Hagino and Belmonte. Both of whom, really, could swim 6 events if they wanted to.


Can you make sure this page doesn’t get buried? I love having all the links in one place. Thanks!


I strongly second MORROW3’s request!

Hey it’s by no means a bad thing when you have a website that attracts so much traffic at times like these, not to mention busy beaver contributors who post at such a prolific rate… 🙂

But it can get quite frustrating trying to follow up on key pages like this one as they seem to roll off the front view in less than an hour! (when I click on “News” to try to hunt down the disappearing act article, more often than not I get an Android version of the site that’s dated back in June or something)

Most browsers have the option to `bookmark’ a page, you should try it!

Lane Four

Just did it. Thanks for the reminder.

MORROW3, the layout is something we’re working on to keep content easier to find in the future. We recently updated the search function to make it MUCH easier to find things. Expect to see more changes to come after things calm down (after Worlds, US Open, Juniors, etc are over).

As for this week, we are making sure to keep the most important/prevalent links easily accessible/on the front page for Worlds.

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