Adidas Launches 5 Distinct Goggle Designs Catering To All Swimmers

adidas has unveiled its latest range of swim goggles. The new Persistar range is a cutting-edge collection of five distinct goggle designs, created for all athletes and environments. Whether in competitive waters or at a local pool, the Persistar range offers the best comfort, ultimate protection and the widest field of vision; enabling swimmers to perform at their best.

The Persistar Race goggle has been specifically designed for the competitive swimmer.

The innovative shape and flatness of the lenses provide a wide and distortion-free field of vision, enabling swimmers a 180° view vertically and horizontally to find perfect body positioning in water and keep an eye on competition without moving the head. Moulded directly into the inner eye socket, the Persistar Race google combines speed with highest level of comfort, whilst withstanding every wave, stroke and tumble turn. Available in un-mirrored and mirrored for adults and un-mirrored for children.

The Persistar 180 and the Persistar 180 Mask are for athletes enduring long training sessions. Both goggles provide optimum comfort in every stroke thanks to the double over moulded thermoplastic rubber frame. The strap is easily adjusted with one hand through a push-to-adjust button and the new large sun-glasses-look lens shape provides 180 degree field of vision in the water for both one-piece-frame goggle shape (Persistar 180) and mask shape (Persistar 180 MASK). The Persistar 180 Mask is available in un-mirrored and mirrored for long lasting training sessions in the pool or open water swimmers.

For fitness swimmers the range offers the Persistar Fit and the Persistar Comfort.The Persistar Fit is an all-around versatile goggle for a comfortable and effective swim. Its multi-adjustable nose piece enables a secure fit for all face shapes and sizes, while a silicone soft frame and comfortable double strap ensure an irritation-free swim.

The Persistar Comfort implements a comfortable one-piece frame suitable for all face shapes. Complete with a streamlined design and a flexible nosepiece area, the google has a modern and sleek design. Both the Persistar Fit and Persistar Comfort goggles feature lenses specifically designed to allow for exceptional visibility while moving through the water.

Claudia Scholl, Senior Product Manager of adidas Heartbeat Sports has said “During the creation process of the new goggles we focused heavily on reliability, comfort and a big field of vision, whilst combining it with an unexpected – a cool adidas look that is not out there yet. The Persistar FW17 range links unparalleled comfort with performance, enabling swimmers of all environments to remain focused on the race at hand.”

The adidas FW17 Persistar goggle collection starts at EUR €15 for adults and €10 for children and will be available online in various sizes now at and in various stores worldwide.

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