8 Things That Make A Swimmer Say F%#K!

Ever nailed your foot on a lane line while swimming breaststroke? Or entirely whiffed the wall during a flip turn? Chances are the words coming out of your mouth in the heat of such an unpleasant incident weren’t exactly ones you learned in school, as Arena compiled in this spoofy spin on what it’s like to be a swimmer.

Watch your favorite Arena swim stars bring your most annoying ‘swimcidents’ to life in the company’s newest ad featuring Olympians and world champions. Olympic gold medalist Adam Peaty, recent world champion Ranomi Kromowidjojo and newly-crowned world record holder Chad Le Clos are just a few of the famous faces playing a part in this campy video, depicting the fun one can have in any given swim practice. Mitch Larkin makes a cameo in leg-shaving fashion, Calvyn Justus wakes up groggy and Ferry Weertman spouts some choice words underwater, making the one-minute vignette totally worth watching.

Our advice? Have a non-swimming friend watch along with you so they finally understand what you mean when you say swimming is indeed a contact sport.

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Pretty funny stuff, and definitely real in my swim world. I do try to reduce my own cursing, and I could do without the obvious crudity. Is there a ten year old who does not recognize your code word and the bleeps? I guess that’s what “campy” means. I wonder if parents want their age groupers watching this ‘campy’ stuff? BTW, if I touch your feet, you need to move over, I don’t need to stop tapping. That’s my view on that!


No you tap once and wait until they get to the wall and then they are supposed to stop and let you pass not stop in the middle of the pool. You keep tapping my feet i need to kick you.


Sure Q. I didn’t mean continuous tapping, but referring to when I tap your feet, which is what this article described. I didn’t mean stop in the middle of the lane. Just brevity of concept. But obviously an extra tap deserves a kick back. Or a punch at the wall combined with an F-bomb or two. Maybe combative behavior would spice up practice.


How about when your coach says warm down after that 1650.

Swimmer A

You say sure! And then sit on the wall for the next 10 minutes


When you crack your heels on a low gutter on a backstroke turn.

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