6 Ways To Repurpose Your Swim Meet T-Shirts

Retta Race
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February 05th, 2019 Lifestyle

We’ve made it to February, which means spring cleaning is just around the corner. Most lifelong swimmers have a plethora of old swim meet t-shirts lying around and we’ve got some ideas of how to prolong their lives and put them to good use in the process.

Flickr Commons: courtesy of normanack

#1 – Craft a T-Shirt Quilt

Know anyone who can quilt? Even if you don’t, the process of making a t-shirt quilt is as easy as 1-2-3, at least according to this website.  Pick out your favorite swim shirts from over the years and assemble them into what you want your cozy quilt to look like. Then scour YouTube for the directions that make the most sense to you and have at it during taper time.

#2 – Designate a Dust Rag

Dust loves to settle on your accumulation of medals, trophies and plaques placed on shelves and ledges around your room. Why not designate your favorite, but now perhaps ill-fitting swim shirt as your special dust rag? Enshrine your prizes by only using the choicest of dusting cloths to keep them shiny and primed for display.

YouTube screenshot; 5-minute crafts


#3 – Spruce Up a Pillow

Turn your ‘the first time I dropped 2 seconds in one race’ commemorative t-shirt into your new favorite pillowcase, courtesy of easy-to-follow YouTube instructions. No sewing skills? No problem, as this particular pattern lets you tie off your t-shirt with fun fringe so you can sleep tight and improve your swimming skills by osmosis every night.

#4 – Frame Your Fame

You see signed jerseys from other sports such as basketball and football on display , so why not your high school’s District Championship t-shirt? Shirt display frames are available at most mass market craft stores, so pick one up, actually take the time to fold your shirt and you’re on your way to DIY decor, swimstyle.


#5 – Hand it Down

Your little brother, sister or neighbor who happens to be an aspiring swimmer will most likely be positively thrilled to have a genuine swim t-shirt passed down to them from one of the greats (i.e., you). Take heart in knowing you’re spreading the swim love to the next generation by bestowing a hard-earned symbol of your work ethic on a young one.

#6 – Bag It

Just as there are no-sew pillowcases to make, you can also create a cute sling bag without sewing a stitch. Per this tutorial, you should be able to upcycle an old swim shirt into a tote in 10 minutes (that’s less time than swimming a 1500!). Take it to your next meet and show off your artistic skills.

Flickr Commons; courtesy of reginarodriguez

Leave any other ideas you can come up with in the comments below.

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How about a T-shirt quilt contest?

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