5 Tips to Encourage Nervous Swimmers

Learning to swim is a Life Skill and should be a non-negotiable in every household. Learning to swim will give your child the ability to expose themselves to many life experiences…ocean swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, canoeing, fishing, boating, swim team, healthy exercise, etc. More importantly, it arms them with the ability to keep themselves water safe and to enable them to potentially save a life. So, what happens if your little one is not keen on the idea of learning to swim?

Resistance to swim lessons, or any new activity (new school, new sports team, new friends, etc.) is completely normal for young children. Having four little ones ourselves, we understand that trying to get your little one to embrace swim lessons can be overwhelming. Here are 5 tips that we have used with our children to encourage them through their learning to swim journey.


1. Use Encouraging Words

It might seem obvious, but think about whether you use encouraging words to talk to your child about swimming. Many times, all a child wants is support from their parents. Explain to them, in an age-appropriate way, why learning to swim is important and how proud you are of them for trying something new. Tell them you will be there for them every step of the way, and you truly believe they will be an awesome swimmer!

2. Make it Fun

Tell them about all the fun learning they will experience and the new friends that they will make in their swim class. If your little ones’ love splashing in the bathtub, let them know that they will be doing some fun splashing in their swim class. Explaining to them the fun they will be having can go a long way in getting little ones excited about learning. Friends always make it easier as well. If your child has a sibling, cousin, friend that is also interested in learning to swim we can help get them in the same class. Learning with friends is FUN!

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FRANCHISE OVERVIEW:  A swim school with over a decade of proven success with more than five million swimming lessons taught. SafeSplash’s focus is providing excellence and unexpected value to our franchisees and customers.

MISSION: Learning to swim is a defining experience in a child’s life, an experience that creates lasting memories similar to learning to ride a bike.  But unlike riding a bike, swimming is important to your child’s safety and development.  At SafeSplash, we understand…swimming is a life skill®.  Our mission is to provide the best possible experience, instructors, curriculum, and environment to the families that we have the honor of serving.  We offer a positive, fun experience to our students with the goal of helping them become a safe, happy, confident, lifelong swimmers.

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