3000 Meters of Butterfly – Video

Courtesy of Nicolas Vannier (a prolific producer of swimming videos).

Via Youtube: Romain Louedec swims the 3000 m butterfly . 44 min 12 sec. And you?

Sounds like a challenge from Louedec. I think a lot of swimmers would’ve taken up the challenge in my day (the early 1990s), but swimming 3000 meters of butterfly may not give you what you want.  Sure, you’ll prove you’re conditioned, that you’re fit, and you’ll certainly show your mental toughness, but you’ll also be swimming fly for 40-60 minutes in first or second gear. While I approve of test swims like 1-5k of straight butterfly — yes, they can be fun for swimming grinders — I’d be more impressed with:

4x 10 x 100 butterfly on the 1:40, every 10th off the blocks for speed, 2 minutes rest between each round of 10. 


8x 10 x 50 butterfly on the minute, every 1oth off the blocks for speed, 2 minutes rest between each round of 10.

I’m a big believer in hard work, but only if you can keep your body position high in the water. (On a side note, I didn’t make big breakthroughs in butterfly until I trained under Coach David Marsh. This was when Marsh was young, before he became the head coach at Auburn, and 18 years before he helmed SwimMAC. Marsh got me in shape, got the base in place, but not swimming fly. He only worked my fly at race pace or near race pace.)

Still, you have to give credit to the grinders, like Louedec, in the video above. He holds his stroke for 3,000 meters, and sometimes swimmers simply feel compelled to test themselves.

Can you beat his 3000 meter butterfly time, 44:12?


If you want the best butterfly advice in the world, go here to see Michael Phelps Essential: 20 Butterfly Training Videos. 

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What a waste of 45 minutes of time that could have been spent productively training. Agree with Mel, fly should only be swum at race pace. It looks like he is fully submerged on strokes which would result in a DQ in a lot of LSCs. Mel did a set of 6 x 600 100 fly!, 200 ez, all 100s under 200 fly wr pace.


Great form. Race pace oriented set. Working the underwaters.


Not sure this is a great idea to regularly train for a race. BUT – 99.9% of our time as swimmers is spent in practice, not races at meets. Sometimes it’s cooler to say “I once swam a 3,000 fly (and was a 1:59 in the 200 fly)”, than just “I went a 1:57 in the 200 fly”.


We are having a debate in my office right now whether this comment is sarcastic or not. Two of us think you are serious, one person thinks it is subtle sarcasm. Please end the debate for us.


As a slightly older swimmer, I still train just for the sake of swimming, knowing I’m never going my best times again. I’d like to do an Ironman sometime – I wouldn’t win, it wouldn’t make me a better 200 flyer – but it’s still a good goal to push myself.

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