2016 SwimSwam NCAA Men’s Pick ‘Em Contest

After the conclusion of an exciting women’s meet, we now turn the page and the Pick ‘Em Contest for the 2016 Men’s NCAA Swimming & Diving Championships is here, presented by FINIS.

User mkeaveney won the women’s contest last week, and will try and again prove his knowledge in this week’s men’s competition.

This year, we’ve migrated to a new format that allows us to give our users the ability to pick much deeper into the seeds for their favorites.

Just like previous years, you will choose your top 4 finishers in each event, but unlike prior years, there will be no “other” option. We have also added a section to choose the top 10 finishing teams in the overall team battle, which will carry big weight toward the overall final standings.

To Play Pick ‘Em, Click Here (Google Login Required)

Scoring System

Correctly picking a swimmer to place:

  • 1st – 7 points
  • 2nd – 5 points
  • 3rd – 4 points
  • 4th – 3 points

Correctly picking a swimmer to place in the top 4, but putting them in the wrong spot, will earn you 1 point.

In the team picks, correctly picking a team to finish in exactly each place will earn this many points:

  • 1st – 20
  • 2nd – 17
  • 3rd – 16
  • 4th – 15
  • 5th – 14
  • 6th – 13
  • 7th – 12
  • 8th – 11
  • 9th – 9
  • 10th – 7

Picks will close at 4PM Eastern Time on Wednesday, March 23rd, and at that time, we will post everyone’s picks for them to see.

By using the new Google Forms format, you CAN go in and edit your responses up until 4 PM on Wednesday. You can also use this “edit responses” ability to go in and print or save your answers.

The tie-breaker for prizes, if necessary, will be the most correctly-picked winners, then 2nd-place finishers, then 3rd-place finishers, etc. in the relevant time period.

Note: Because of the revamped NCAA format, we’ll give out daily prizes for the end of days 2, 3, 4

The top 3 scorers on (day 1 + day 2), day 3, and day 4 will receive:

The overall champion will receive:

  • The daily prizes listed above, PLUS
  • FINIS Onyx Technical Racing Suit

Official Rules

Anybody is eligible to play, but only certain people are eligible for prizes. For starters, only one entry per person is allowed. If we discover that you have made multiple entries, we may disqualify all of your entries.

To win prizes, entrant must:

  • Be 18 or older
  • Accept responsibility for any and all taxes
  • Accept responsibility for any impact on high school or college eligibility
  • Be a legal resident of the United States or Canada (prizes will only be mailed to these countries)
  • Enter real contact information (we won’t chase you to give you prizes if you use fake contact info)

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7 years ago

Anyone know what Eddie did with diver #3 for entries? Is everyone healthy on the boards and in the water? Make no doubt about it, as a swimmer, I am proud of TX Divers!!!

7 years ago

So how do we go in and view how our picks did once the meet starts? All I can find is the link to create a new document or edit my current one.

Reply to  Braden Keith
7 years ago

Do you know if it will be posted on this website or if it will just be on the swimswam website or somewhere else?


Swimmer A
7 years ago

It’s kind of a bummer, I think Conger will get top 4 in the 100 back, but since he is swimming that as a bonus event he doesn’t show up in the Pick’em field. Only invited swimmers on the list. Whatevs, Tarasevich looked pretty good at the Orlando GP, picked him in there instead.

7 years ago

Okay this is off the topic of the pick ’em contest (although I did enter and Go Bears!), but I’m a high school Junior and am getting recruited by colleges, but I am also looking about going out of the country for college. I’ve been trying to do research . . . but can anyone tell me if Australia or the UK has some sort of college swimming? I’ve always wanted to go out of the country for college, but have also wanted to keep up swimming as well and pursue more in the sport.

Plain Jane
7 years ago

Texas wins this meet. Not even close. All that they lost last year they have made up with their freshman class and more.

7 years ago

I was looking for Jack, but settled on John instead for the 100 back.

7 years ago

I’m having trouble finding Conger to select for the 100 back. Someone has clearly made a mistake somewhere.

Reply to  LC
7 years ago

He’s seeded outside the top 29, so he isn’t listed

7 years ago

For future pick ems, we should probably be allowed to pick people outside of the top 30. While rare, there are instances where those kids can score (e.g. Conger’s 100 back).

Reply to  Aquaticus
7 years ago

Yea, there should be an Other option.

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