2015 US Winter Nationals: Day 1 Prelims Live Recap


Women’s 400 Meter Freestyle – Prelims

Lindsay Vrooman secured the top seed in the women’s 400 freestyle with a quick 4:08.68. She led Allison Schmitt and Gillian Ryan under 4:10 to qualify in second and third with 4:09’s.

Haley Anderson and Sarah Henry both secured their spots in the A final with 4:10’s, finishing just ahead of Elizabeth Beisel and Cierra Runge at 4:11.02 and 4:11.71, respectively.

Kennedy Goss was the final swimmer to qualify for the A final with a 4:13.59. It took a 4:15.52 to make the B final and a 4:18.56 to make the C final.

The top 21 swimmers all finished under the Olympic Trial time standard.

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Men’s 400 Meter Freestyle – Prelims

Conor Dwyer topped the field to earn the top seed in the men’s 400 freestyle with a 3:50.46. He finished just ahead of Michael McBroom at 3:51.46 and Ryan Feeley at 3:51.80.

Anton Ipsen, Jordan Harrison, Ryan Cochrane, and True Sweetser all qualified with 3:52’s.

The last swimmer to qualify for the A final was Takeshi Matsuda at 3:53.54. It took a 3:54.53 to qualify for the B final and a 3:57.81 to make the C final.

Australia’s Grant Hackett qualified 12th at 3:54.16.

The top 27 swimmers all finished under the Olympic Trial time standard.

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Women’s 200 Meter Individual Medley – Prelims

Caitlin Leverenz posted the fastest time of the morning to earn the top seed in the 200 IM with a 2:13.30. The women’s 200 IM was very tight this morning. The top 8 swimmers all finished within 1.2 seconds of Levering.

Maya DiRado and Celina Li were the only other swimmers to finish under 2:14 this morning at 2:13.78 and 2:13.94, respectively.

Siobhan Haughty earned fourth at 2:14.04 finishing just ahead of Sarah Henry. Henry qualified for her second consecutive A final with her time of 2:14.17.

Kathleen Baker, Erika Seltenreich-Hodgson, and Stina Gardell were the final three qualifiers. It took a 2:14.50 to make the A final, a 2:16.20 to make the B final, and a 2:17.92 to make the C final.

The top 27 swimmers all finished under the Olympic Trial time standard.

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Men’s 200 Meter Individual Medley – Prelims

Michael Weiss ran away from the field this morning to earn the top seed in the men’s 200 IM. He was the only swimmer under two minutes this morning at 1:58.97.

Chase Kalisz, Eduardo Solaeche, Michael Phelps, and David Nolan all qualified for the A final with 2:00’s. Kalisz, Phelps, and Nolan all currently train together under Bob Bowman in Tempe, Arizona.

Uvis Kalnins, Patrick Mulcare, and Dan Wallace were the final three swimmers to qualify for the A final. It took a 2:02.18 to qualify for the a final, a 2:03.40 to qualify for the B final, and a 2:04.49 to qualify for the C final.

The top 27 swimmers all finished under the Olympic Trial time standard.

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Women’s 50 Meter Freestyle – Prelims

Abbey Weitzeil posted the fastest time of the morning in the women’s 50 freestyle, nearly breaking 25 seconds with her time of 25.01. It will be a tight race tonight with the top 8 swimmers only separated by a half of a second.

Weitzeil finished just ahead of Simone Manuel and Ivy Martin, the two sprinters on the 2015 World Championship team. Manuel is qualified second at 25.08 and Martin is third with a 25.29.

Liz Li, better known as Li Zhesi, qualified fourth at 25.31. Natalie Coughlin, Farida Osman, and Amanda Weir finished fifth, sixth, and seventh with 25.4’s.

The last swimmer to qualify for the A final was Amy Bilquist with a final time of 25.52. It took a 25.92 to qualify for the B final and a 26.09 to make the C final.

The top 31 swimmers all finished under the Olympic Trial time standard.

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Men’s 50 Meter Freestyle – Prelims

As always, the men’s 50 free final is set up to be a contentious one on Thursday evening, with the top 8 finals qualifiers separated by just .28 seconds. It will be a diverse, international final that will include in the least three of America’s best, Josh Schneider (22.23), Nathan Adrian (22.29) and Michigan sophomore Paul Powers (22.37).

Cullen Jones (22.49) and backstroke specialist Matt Grevers (22.43) also found themselves in the top 8 in the morning.

They will be joined by #2 qualifier Brad Tandy of South Africa, Geoff Cheah of Hong kong, and Santo Condorelli of Canada: all three of whom train in the United States.

Among those missing the final were Russian Vlad Morozov, the 2013 Worlds silver medalist in this race. He placed 10th and will be in the B-Final after a 22.57 in the morning.

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Okay. Kind of irrelevant—but did anyone else notice that in the quad plan they released the locations for 2017 Nationals, US Open, and Junior and they also released the location for 2016 Winter Juniors. Also the recent locations for Summer US Open and Juniors (Minneapolis and Nassau County), do they have a second 50m pool? In the past haven’t they usually hosted at a location with two 50m pools (Irvine, San Antonio, Indy, etc.)?


Neither Minneapolis nor Nassau have two 50 meter pools. Nassau has a 68 meter main pool and a diving well and Minneapolis has a 50 meter pool, a 25 yard (and maybe meter the other direction) diving well, and an older 25 yard pool elsewhere in the complex. It’s a bit unfortunate to have a long course championship without long course warm up continuously available, but the number of sites that can accommodate that are limited.


Very unfortunate that neither of those two locations have an additional 50m pool. It’s unfortunate when you’re at a national level meet and the warmup area is so crowded, that’s usually one of the pros of going to a national level meet. I think usa swimming should try and host summer nationals/juniors and us open at a location with two 50m pool. While there is a limited number, there’s still quite a few. i.e. irvine, ft. lauderdale, indy, san antonio, clovis, buffalo (I believe in the summer they have an outdoor pool), plantation, and probably some others. And at those pools that don’t have permanent seating, you could easily set up temporary seating. Just an opinion though.


Besides Stanford, Indy, Woollet (sp?), San Antonio, and the University of Tennessee, I don’t know of ANY place in the country that has a 50m warm-up pool near the 50m competition pool.


The Rose Bowl Aquatics Center in Pasadena, CA has two 50m pools side by side.


Yes as I stated above, there are still quite a few: The ones you mentioned Tennessee, Woollett, Stanford, Indy, San Antonio, but also Rose Bowl, Clovis, Ft. Lauderdale, Erie Community College (Summer), Plantation, UF, Auburn, and there’s probably a few others out there.


thank god david nolan didnt scratch again ^^. 2.00,94 pretty nice for prelims


Don’t think Phelps will go very fast tonight , but I do expect him to be under 1:59 and win the race too . Also hoping Nolan can finally break 2:00 in long course !


well he did go out pretty fast the first hundred so maybe he then took back a bit who knows.
i definitely hope so and would like to see a 1.56 from him tonight (although yes thats very unlikely)


he still got that beard going?




Phelps’ 36-point breast split was obviously on cruise control. If he goes out in 55 again tonight, and comes home in 1:02, that would be a pretty good race.


Is the tapered?

Victor P

It’s insane to think Nolan hasn’t broken 2 minutes in the 200 IM LC. I mean the guy’s got minimum 1:55 speed.

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