2015 FINA World Cup Moscow: Day 2 Finals Live Recap

The 2015 FINA World Championship Series is unique because the athletes will be competing in a 50 meter poor rather than the series’ traditional 25 meter pool.

After the first day of competition, Katinka Hosszu, Emily Seebohm, and Daria Ustinova separated themselves from the field by a slim margin. Hosszu leads with 24 points, but Seebhom and Ustinov aren’t far behind with 21 and 18 points, respectively.

The men’s race is much tighter, and the second day will be very important in the points and prize money race. Yesterday, nobody had two top 3 finishes, which leaves eight men tied for first with twelve points each.


Women’s 100m Freestyle

Katinka Hosszu earned her third win of the 2015 World Cup Series, picking up 12 more points with her time of 54.10. She held of the Russia duo of Natalia Loctcova and Veronica Popova. They finished second and third at 54.62 and 54.73.

54 seconds was the ticket to points and the cash prize in this event today. Ariana Openysheva just missed the podium with her time of 55.38.

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Men’s 200m Freestyle

Danila Izotov came up with a big swim to win the men’s 200 freestyle, posting a top time of 1:46.93. Izotov and Myles Brown were almost dead even through the first 150 meters, but his final 50 proved to be too much for Brown. The South African finished second with a time of 1:47.80. Nikita Lobintsev earned his six points, finishing third with his time of 1:47.83.

Jeremy Stravius of France just missed the podium, picking up a fourth place finish at 1:48.25.

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Women’s 50m Breaststroke

The United States completed a sweep of the women’s 50 breaststroke, with Katie Meili leading the pack. Meili got her hand on the wall first to win the event in 30.76. Breeja Larson picked up a second place finish at 30.84, and Melanie Marsalis added a third place finish with a 31.44.

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Men’s 100m Breaststroke

The World Championship silver medalist Cameron Van Der Burgh added another individual victory with a 59.27. He touched just ahead of the American breaststrokers, Nic Fink and Cody Miller. Fink was second with a 59.52 and Miller finished third at 1:00.07.

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Men’s 100m Butterfly

Tom Shields is showing his consistency in the men’s 100 butterfly with another 51 low. Shields posted the fastest time of the session with a 51.46, taking down the 2015 World Champion, Chad le Clos. Despite his world championship title, Le Clos has made more headlines recently for what he has said out of the pool rather than in the pool, trash-talking World Record holder Michael Phelps. Le Clos finished in second with his time of 51.36.

Tim Phillips earned a third place finish as the final swimmer under 52 seconds at 51.75.

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Women’s 100m Backstroke

Emily Seebohm ran away from the field on the first 50 of the women’s 200 backstroke and never slowed down, winning the event with a commanding 58.88. Katinka Hosszu earned her first second place finish of the competition with a 59.46, and Mie Nielsen picked up third place with a 1:00.52.

Daria Ustinova was just shy of another top 3 finish with her time of 1:00.62.

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Men’s 50m Backstroke

The 50 backstroke World Champion Camille Lacourt continued to dominate the event in Moscow with a winning time of 24.67. Quah Zheng Wen finished second at 25.13, touching out Grigory Tarasevich by .01. Tarasevich finished third with a 25.14.

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Women’s 200m Butterfly

Cammile Adams improved her time from the World championships where she won a silver medal with a 2:06.40. Today she won the women’s 200 butterfly with a time of 2:06.33.

The Women’s 200 butterfly was a quick event all around. Francisco Hentke finished second with a 2:06.51 and Madeline Groves finished third at 2:07.67.

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Men’s 200m Medley

Philip Heintz won the men’s 200 IM with a time of 1:58.48. American Chase Kalisz finished second with a time of 1:59.40. He had a relatively light World Championships schedule. His only event was the 400 IM on the very last day of the meet.

Hiromasa Fujimori finished third with a 1:59.57.

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Women’s 400m Freestyle

Sheo Yiwen won the women’s 400 meter freestyle by nearly a second ahead of Italian Diletta Carli with a 4:07.30. Carli finished second with a 4:08.12.

Katinka Hosszu found herself on the podium once again, this time finishing third with a 4:08.28.

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Men’s 50m Freestyle

Josh Scnheider sprinted to the front of the pack, winning the men’s 50 free with a 21.80. Evgeny Sedov finished second with a 21.84, and Andrii Govorov was third at 22.10.

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Women’s 200m Breaststroke

Vitalina Simonova put up a strong 2:22.94 to win the women’s 200 breaststroke. Tessa Wallace finished second at 2:23.97 and Mariia Astashinka was third at 2:26.06.

Breeja Larson just missed the top three with her time of 2:26.32.

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Men’s 200m Backstroke

The Australians find themselves on top of the podium once again in the men’s 200 backstroke, but it’s not Mitchell Larkin. Ashley Delaney won with a top time of 1:58.41. Wang Shun also finished under 1:59, earning a second place finish with his 1:58.68.

Benjamin Stasiliulis finished third at 1:59.20.

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Women’s 50m Butterfly

The 2013 World Champion Jeanette Ottesen won the women’s 50 butterfly with a time time of 25.51. Ottesen put some distance between herself and the second place finisher, Svetlana Chimrova. Chimrova posted a 26.14 and Claire Donahue finished third at 26.20.

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Men’s 1500m Freestyle

Gregorio Paltrinieri of Italy din’t wait long before hopping back up on the blocks for his next 1500m freestyle. He won with a final time of 14:55.06. Boris Bouchaut finished second with a 15:09.21 and Evgeny Drobotov finished third at 15:49.22.

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Women’s 400m Medley

Katinka Hosszu won the final event of the meet with a 4:36.25 in the 400 IM. Thi Anh Vien Nguyen finished second at 4:40.79 and Lara Grangeon finished third at 4:41.54.

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6 years ago

nice swim by cameronVDB in the 100 breast and nic fink too. bit disappointed by miller since his 200 time was huge best time. or was he under 2.10 before?

6 years ago

Shields beats Le Clos , 51.36 to 51.45. Was expecting something much faster after his 100 free yesterday..

Philip Johnson
6 years ago

Chad is probably tired.

bobo gigi
Reply to  Philip Johnson
6 years ago

He didn’t look tired in the 100 free yesterday. PB in 48.16.

Reply to  bobo gigi
6 years ago

Did people really expect him to surpass 50.5?

bobo gigi
Reply to  john26
6 years ago

Me. Just to see his reaction.

Philip Johnson
6 years ago

Seebohm 58.88

bobo gigi
6 years ago

Cody Miller is absolutely unpredictable. Swam a big new PB of 2.09.08 yesterday in the 200 breast and today “only” 1.00.07 in the 100 breast.

In the same race we can see another American who missed his taper. Nic Fink is second in 59.52, a new PB by 0.32s. Swam only 1.00.05 in prelims and 1.00.14 in semis at worlds.

bobo gigi
6 years ago

Well. Michael Phelps will not have to go to Chartres next weekend to beat Le Clos’ time.
Only 51.45 for the South African. Weird after his huge 100 free yesterday. Something tells me he will put freestyle aside in the next months until RIo to focus only on butterfly in training.
Great last 25 by Tom Shields who wins in 51.36.
Phillips was well ahead at the 50 but died in the last 50.
Metella 4th.

bobo gigi
6 years ago

It’s day 2 finals. 😉

bobo gigi
6 years ago

Lacourt still in good shape. Wins the 50 back in 24.67.

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