2014 US Summer Nationals Pick ‘Em Contest has arrived!

  21 Jared Anderson | August 04th, 2014 | International, Lifestyle, National, Opinion

The day you’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived – SwimSwam’s official 2014 U.S. National Championships Pick ‘Em Contest is here! So put those crystal balls* to good use and make your picks. Nike Swim has provided prize packages for all 5 daily winners, plus a big prize bundle for the overall winner of the meet.

*Those with actual working crystal balls are not allowed to enter.


You pick the top four in each event, we give you points. It’s as simple as that. We’ve cut the list off at the top 8 seeds, but have added an “other” option for anyone feeling more daring.


Prize packages will come courtesy of Nike Swim:

Daily winners will win a prize bundle of Nike goggles, swim cap and lanyard.

The overall Grand Prize winner will receive the new Nike swimmer’s backpack, a swim cap, a pair of goggles and a sweatshirt.


Our scoring system is the same as it was for men’s and women’s NCAAs this spring, a slightly tweaked system from some of our previous Pick ‘Em Contests:

  • 1st – 4 points
  • 2nd – 4 points
  • 3rd – 3 points
  • 4th – 2 points
  • Correctly Picking “Other” in correct spot – 3 bonus points, plus earned points
  • Successfully predicting a swimmer in the top 4, but in the wrong spot – 1 bonus point


All ties will be broken by the following order:

  1. Who had the most 1st place picks correct
  2. Who had the most 2nd place picks correct
  3. Who had the most 3rd place picks correct
  4. Who had the most 4th place picks correct
  5. Who has the highest overall score (if tie is for a daily prize)
  6. Drawing of lots


Before entering, please read the official rules here. Picks are due for the contest by the time Wednesday’s prelims session begins.

Enter the 2014 US Summer Nationals Pick ‘Em Here


  1. yb says:

    is there a place to see submitted picks? i dont remember mine!

  2. Thanos Mihas says:

    when i click on the link above i am getting a blank screen.

  3. C Martin says:


    I submitted my picks, however all I am getting on my screen is the Swim Swam homepage in the I-frame where the entries were entered (so two Swim Swam’s). Were my picks received?


  4. C Martin says:

    Does accepting a prize affect NCAA amateurism eligibility?

    • Braden Keith says:

      C Martin – that would be something you’d have to ask your compliance officer. The contest is open to everyone in the United States (swimmer or not), and you’re not putting any stake in to participate, so take that information to your compliance officer and they should be able to help you out.

    • AIA Swim says:

      C Martin,
      The rule you want to ask about is this.

      “10.02.1 Sports Wagering. [#] Sports wagering includes placing, accepting or soliciting a wager (on a staff member’s or student-athlete’s own behalf or on the behalf of others) of any type with any individual or organization on any intercollegiate, amateur or professional team or contest. Examples of sports wagering include, but are not limited to, the use of a bookmaker or parlay card; Internet sports wagering; auctions in which bids are placed on teams, individuals or contests; and pools or fantasy leagues in which an entry fee is required and there is an opportunity to win a prize. (Adopted: 4/26/07 effective 8/1/07)”

      Notice it says “in which an entry fee is required AND there is an opportunity to win a prize”. As Braden pointed out, there is no entry fee. However my experience is that every compliance director is different in how strictly they interpret things (and some come up with crazy strict interpretations) , so its always good to check, especially if you are a swimmer using knowledge of the sport and winning swimming related gear.

      • Braden Keith says:

        AIA’s advice is spot on.

        A perfect example of how vastly different the interpretations can be – we have several college swimmers who are writing or have written for us. Some can’t get paid at all. Some can get paid, but only if they write under a fictitious name. Some can do whatever they want. Some can write about high school swimmers, some can’t. Some can do interviews, some can’t. Some can be at meets working for us, some can only do it when there’s no contact involved.

        At the end of the day, if it went to the NCAA, there would probably be no consequence. However, not pissing off your compliance person is a key step before testing the NCAA on that.

  5. Danny says:

    Awesome! Playing the contest is much more fun than the prizes, but wanted to say that I never heard from Nike to get my prize for the NCAA contest… Hope they’ll be more on top of it this time.


    Jared , i have one serious question ! On day 2 , i came up to the section 50 LCM butterfly with 100 Meters butterly times . Is there just a mistake about 50 been in place of 100 meters ? I beleive so …. bit not completely sure . Great work guys , thanks again for the Meet coverage .

  7. Shucks! I cannot enter. Bummer!

    • Braden Keith says:

      Manyi – to be clear, you can enter, you just can’t win a prize – beyond braggin rights, of course. 😉

  8. CraigH says:

    For the relays, I want to choose “Other” for almost all of the entries, but it will only let me select it once per event. Can this be fixed?


    Are the Europeans participants still not ” allowed ” to win either the daily prize or overall prize ???

    • Braden Keith says:

      Hey Ervinforthewin – that’s correct. You’re still welcome to play, but there’s complications with awarding prizes to international contestants.

      • ERVINFORTHEWIN says:

        Thanks Braden , i saw later that we still can’t win any prize if we are not Us citizens . No problemo , it’s for the fun anyway and the thrill of making predictions .

  10. NLACSWIMMER1 says:

    Will their be email conformation upon entry?

  11. Sean S says:

    I’m not a fan of having the relays as a part of the contest, there is simply no way to know who will be swimming on the relays and the picks will be a total crapshoot.

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