2013 Coach of the Year, Mike Bottom

In only 5 years as the head coach at Michigan, Mike Bottom has made the Wolverines into the best men’s team in the country. He gives well deserved credit to his staff, one of the most innovative groups of coaches ever assembled. But it’s his leadership that has created a culture that re-invented and re-ignited the tradition in Ann Arbor.

This group swam fast at every single meet they competed at, and that’s the kind of approach that Bottom thinks the whole sport should embrace. He’s got a lot of ideas about swimming, and hopefully this team title elevates the platform upon which he can share these ideas. Bottom is always trying to find fan friendly formats that showcase the sport. It starts with fast swimming, and Bottom proved that you don’t have to limit it to once a year. Congrats to Mike Bottom and the 2013 National Champion Michigan Wolverines.

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10 years ago

I’ve heard really terrible things about Mike Bottom. He plays mind games with his swimmers and forces them to choose “the team” over everything. Yet “the team”, is malicious and conniving, throwing their own teammates under the bus to be viewed well in Mike’s eyes. He loves to play a game of favorites and even if you are a good swimmer, if you’re not on the same wave length as Mike, He can make your life hell. Good luck to his future team’s emotional stability, they will need it! Go blue!!!

10 years ago

Congratulations Mike. Great job.

Head coach.

10 years ago

Ok, poor choice of moniker… Where was Mike Bottom on Saturday night during diving finals? Was he celebrating with his 18 championship swimmers?? No, the coach of the year made his way up into the stands to celebrate with the rest of the team who put their heart and soul into this win as well. He let them know how important their role was in this Championship year. He let them know that there is a place for them at the top, and the thing is, he really believes it … so will they.
Congratulations to Mike, the entire coaching staff, and all the Michigan Wolverines!!

Anthony Randall
10 years ago

Great video and insight to a program that is heading back to its dominance.

10 years ago

Love to Mike. Big congratulations to the Michigan team and staff!

10 years ago

I got to know some of the guys at Michigan when I trained there with them team for 6 months leading up to the Olympics, and this blew me away because I honestly didn’t believe they had it in them. Coaches Mark Hill and Mike Bottom reassured me that these guys were going to do big things once they got past their illnesses and injuries. The truth is, I’ve never seen true “team” unity and the power behind until I stepped foot onto their deck in 2012, it was something to truly admire. “Ask not what your team can do for you, ask what you can do for your team.” Congrats, coach!

Justin Pollard
10 years ago

Mike’s team was very impressive this year. No doubt they surprised me and a lot of other fans. Congratulations!

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