10 Contradicting Struggles of Being a Swimmer in the Summertime

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June 20th, 2015 Lifestyle, Masters

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Summer is here, and it’s arguably the best time to be a competitive swimmer. You get to train outside, and the water actually feels crisp and refreshing when you jump in.

Summertime, and the livin’ is easy, the song goes, but not so easy when you’re a swimmer. The correct lyrics are probably closer to Nothing’s fine, I’m torn…

Torn between:

1 – Selecting your lane during outdoor training based on maximum sun exposure vs. fearing the suit and cap tan line.

I want to look like I spent a lot of time outside this summer but not like I spent a lot of time outside at swim practice. Do you know what I mean?

2 – Wanting to go to the pool or waterpark with your non-swimmer friends vs. not wanting to spend any more time at the pool than you already do.

What do you mean pools are where people go to have fun? That’s not where I have fun! Can’t we just stay home and sleep?

3 – Taking in the most beautiful day of the year vs. your three-day indoor swim meet.

The perfect breeze, not too hot, sweet-smelling air, like freshly cut grass. Let’s go spend it inside, in a place with florescent lighting, no windows, and poor air quality! Sounds great.

4 – Wanting smooth legs for wearing shorts and dresses vs. not wanting to mess up your drag prior to taper.

When all the other girls reference the summer as “leg shaving season”, you know it’s really “leg shaving moment”, which happens before your two big meets of the year.

5 – Loving the soothing sound of a summer rainstorm vs. knowing that lightning will just delay your outdoor practice.

One of the best pleasures in life is the sound of rain hitting your window, thunder rolling lightly in the distance. Another pleasure in life is lightning, the only thing your swim coach is powerless against. Until you realize your coach will respond by tacking on an extra thirty minutes to make up for the time you had to wait in the locker room.

6 – Wanting to take some steps to better your future vs. all those glorious summer swimmer naps.

Jobs, internships, volunteer hours, summer courses…the choices abound, and your peers will most likely spend their summer taking advantage of many of them. Swimmers do too, of course, but not without an immense sacrifice: your sleep. Oh, bed, how I long for thee!

7 – Posting summer swimsuit photos on Instagram vs. posting…well, your summer swimsuit photo.

It must be nice to pick out a swimsuit purely on fashion and how good it makes you feel. Swimmers only take swimsuit photos when five of us all happen to wear the same one on the same day. Cute, right?

8 – Taking advantage of all the summer night activities vs. having to get up at 5 A.M. for practice.

Bonfires, outdoor movies, concerts…summer nights can be pretty magical. Except when you’re that person who always has to leave the festivities at 8:00. While the rest of your friends get to sleep until noon, you’ll have had an entire day’s worth of activity before 9 A.M.

9 – Seeking a summer fling vs. realizing you’ll spend your whole summer with the same people.

Sure, your teammates are some of the best people you’ll ever meet, but you also know you’ll never find your Sandy/Danny summer romance spending all your time with the sprint group.

10 – Living while you’re young vs. your dedication to swimming.

The summer holds endless possibilities. You could have experiences that completely change you, making memories that will last forever. You can do this one of two ways: The #Summer2K15 memories your friends have, or your swim team memories. Yes, sometimes you miss out on the all-night parties or vacations, but you are creating classic moments with truly great people you’ll always hold dear. And that’s what summer’s all about, isn’t it?

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