A school of piranhas attacked Christmas Day bathers in Argentine river Rio Parana, which is the first stop on the 2014 FINA Open Water Grand Prix circuit.

A large group waded into the Rosario, Argentina river to seek refuge from the 100-degree heat when the school descended upon them, injuring 70 people, according to Associated Press reports.

7 of the injured were children, some of whom lost entire fingers or toes to the fish, believed to be palometas, a species of piranha.

Rosario is slated to host the first Open Water Grand Prix event on January 26, but it’s unclear how this attack will affect the event’s status. According to an AP report from 1988, isolated piranha bites can be somewhat common in the area, as palometas typically hunt solo unlike other piranhas, but a large-scale school attack like the Christmas day incident is a much more serious development, perhaps serious enough to put the Open Water event in jeopardy for cancellation or relocation.

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