TYR Sport Offers Swim-Inspired Graphic Tees

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pinit fg en rect gray 28 TYR Sport Offers Swim Inspired Graphic Tees

Training hard this summer? Show off your dedication with one of these training-focused graphic tees from TYR! Their positive vibes are sure to keep you, your friends and your teammates motivated to keep pushing forward.

Inspired by the best sport on earth, these swim-specific graphics tees give swimmers a unique way to represent their dedication to training and their love for the sport.

We love that TYR engineered its athletic tees with cotton, making them lightweight, breathable and soft. The loose fit adds another element of comfort and is perfect for the hot summer rays.

Which t-shirt(s) are you absolutely dying to get your hands on? Sound off in the comments below!

tshirt1 640x409 TYR Sport Offers Swim Inspired Graphic Tees

Featuring an array of vibrant colors, including fun fluorescents and classic neutrals, TYR tees are perfect for the pool, gym or your favorite hangout!

tshirt2 640x424 TYR Sport Offers Swim Inspired Graphic Tees

Swimming = Life. If that’s your mantra, these swimming inspired t-shirts are for you.

tshirt3 640x401 TYR Sport Offers Swim Inspired Graphic Tees

TYR lovers everywhere will go crazy for these authentic, company branded tees!

 tshirt4 320x480 TYR Sport Offers Swim Inspired Graphic Tees

Jimmy Feigen didn’t earn an Olympic Silver medal without some hardcore training.

 tshirt5 640x426 TYR Sport Offers Swim Inspired Graphic Tees

The best thing about graphic tees is the ability to showcase your unique personal style. Check out these awesome picks by Team TYR Olympians Matt Grevers, Chloe Sutton, Nick Thoman and Lauren Perdue.

Screen Shot 2014 03 06 at 9.42.17 AM 217x300 TYR Sport Offers Swim Inspired Graphic Tees About TYR Sport

Named after the Norse God of Warriors, TYR is an American company that engineers technical performance apparel for swimmers, triathletes & fitness enthusiasts.

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Swim Gear / Swimming News courtesy of TYR Sport, a SwimSwam partner.


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    So sweet!

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