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“If you want to be the best, you have to do things other people aren’t willing to do.”

Phelps to Represent Aqua Sphere at Germany’s ISPO

Aquatics equipment manufacturer, Aqua Sphere, announced in a press release last August that Michael Phelps would be partnering with the brand…

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Phelps Makes Appearance at Arena Pro Swim Series Austin

Phelps was seen this morning in Austin alongside NBAC Coach Bob Bowman


Michael Phelps 2014 Swammy Awards Person of the Year

2014 Swammy Awards Presented by TYR See the Swammy Awards Channel here. FEMALE SWIMMER OF THE YEAR KATIE LEDECKY MALE…


6 Ways to Think Like a Top-Flight Swimmer

Olympic Champion Nathan Adrian has it. Here are 6 ways that you can adopt the mindset of an elite swimmer.


5 Easy Ways to Jumpstart Your Dolphin Kick

Underwater dolphin kicks can account for up to 60% of a race (in yards). There is a reason why swimmers are limited to 15 yards/meters of underwater dolphin kicks: they are faster than swimming on the water’s surface.


Forecasting the road to next year’s Rio Olympic Games

Now that the 2016 Rio Olympics are officially “next year,” let’s take a look back at the previous Olympic cycle to see just how much is likely to change between now and Rio.


Swimming’s 2014 Person of the Year: Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps’ 2014 was up and down, and up and down, and at the end of it he says he’s learned. The final chapter will be written in 2015. It’s 2015, not 2016, that will determine how his legacy will be written.