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“If you want to be the best, you have to do things other people aren’t willing to do.”

Japan’s Hagino Confirms He Is Pulling Out of Worlds Due to Broken Elbow

Japan’s powerhouse Kosuke Hagino officially pulls out of Worlds; Kazan Curse continues.


3 Steps to Becoming a Thoughtful and Conscious Swimmer

More thoughtful swimmers are those that focus on the little things which will ultimately cultivate in reaching their full potential.

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Shout from the Stands: Michael Phelps Numerology, Life Path Number 5 Equals Olympic Success

“Olympic year 2016 would be Phelps’s Nine year. 9 means completion.”


Bobo Gigi’s Favorite Moments Of Michael Phelps’ Career

In honor of Michael Phelps’s 30th birthday, SwimSwam’s top commenter, Bobo Gigi, has compiled a list of some of his favorite moments from Phelps’ long career.


At age 30, Michael Phelps’ impact on swimming already profound

In honor of Michael Phelps’ 30th birthday, take a look back at the impact he’s already had on the sport of swimming.


Tickets Go On Sale Monday For 2016 US Olympic Team Trials

Our most recent count of US Olympic Trial Qualifiers as of June 23rd showed that 989 swimmers have qualified for the meet.


Exclusive: Australia’s Daniel Tranter Will Accompany Bowman in Move to Tempe

Australian National Champion, Daniel Tranter is another swimmer joining Bowman’s clan in Tempe.

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Do Not Pee or Poop in Pools Warns Center for Disease Control

CDC report strongly recommended not to “pee or poop in the water” in order to prevent dangerous chemicals from forming when that pee or poop chemically reacts with the chlorine.


The Freestyle Flip Turn: What you need to know

Over the next several weeks, I will break down the flip turn into four components: the approach, the flip, the underwater and the breakout. Each of these components is important and I commonly see mistakes made in all four of them, often by the same swimmer.


47 New Michael Phelps Photos For #PhelpsFans

Mike Lewis captured 47 images of Michael Phelps in Santa Clara, and, at your request, we’ve loaded them all into one post. You’re welcome.


Michael Phelps Onced Pondered High School Football Over Swimming

22 Olympic medals in swimming…..the world’s longest televised putt in golf….hard to imagine what record-breaking statistic Michael Phelps would have…


16 History-Altering Moments in Olympic Swimming You Need to Know

In honor of Olympic day, we’ve compiled 16 of the great moments that have shaped Olympic swimming history:


Swimming’s TopTenTweets of the Week: Inaugural Edition

Missy Franklin (above) rocked Twitter with some big news along with some awesome photos. Check #2 on our list for more!


Natalie Coughlin Appears in ESPN’s “The Body” Issue for 2015

In the wake of her shiny new 50m backstroke American record, fans will now get to see 12-time Olympic medalist…


Breaking Down Michael Phelps’ Arena Pro Swim Series At Santa Clara Performance

Michael Phelps is starting to inch his way back towards the type of schedule he would do at a meet before his retirement. He’s competing in more 200s, doing more multi-event days, and for the first time since his comeback, he looks as though he’s truly put in the work to be competitive in these races.