Swim Fort Lauderdale Conquers a 12 Hour Practice

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On Saturday, April 19th, the Swim Fort Lauderdale senior swimmers completed a 12 hour workout / swim camp!  Who among us can make that claim?

Coach Dave Gibson said:

We did this to push the athletes past their comfort zone both physically & mentally, to enhance our unity and team bond and to make swimming and training a little fun. The swimmers learned they are capable of more than they think or believe. They took it to the next level!


6:00am Dryland

7:00am Swim (LC)

9:30am Breakfast

9:45am Team MTG & Video

10:45am Beach Frisbee

11:30am Swim (SC)

1:30pm Lunch

1:45pm Team MTG

2:15pm Ocean Swim/Run

3:00pm Dryland

3:45pm Swim (LC)

6:00pm Pizza & Wrap-up

See Swim Fort Lauderdale’s HQ here. 

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  1. Bossanova says:

    To me, that sounds just hellacious. I’m sure they enjoyed it and slept well that night though.

  2. Liquid'sImpressed says:

    This reminds me of when Sting said he regularly had tantric sex for 5 hours, and then later admitted that it included dinner and a movie. ;-) Just kidding, I’m impressed. That’s a lot to pack into 12 hours.

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