Ryan Lochte on David Letterman, Entire Interview

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Promoting his new reality series on E!, What Would Ryan Lochte Do, the 11-time Olympic medalist sat down with late night anchor David Letterman.

Out of this Letterman interview certain nuggets of truth were learned:

- IM means you swim every stroke in one race.

- Michael Phelps probably retired because of too much swimmer’s ear.

- A medley is also an opportunity to sing.

- “My god, you were in 3 Olympics! Were you aware of that,” asked Letterman? Lochte nodded yes.

- Lochte won silver in the 6-hour treading water competition.

- If Letterman had a pool, what would Lochte do? Answer: break records

- Letterman thought gymnastics was the most-watched Olympic sport. 

- If Lochte’s coaches had it their way, he’d be encased in bubble wrap.

For the ratings breakdown of Lochte premiere episode go here. 



  1. liquidassets says:

    Tossup who was worse–Lochte or Letterman. Actually I’d say Letterman, he made Lochte look even worse than usual with his inane comments and questions.

    • PAC12BACKER says:

      Letterman was just feigning his lack of knowledge in swimming to get his jokes. He swam for a season at Ball State in Muncie, IN! Unless swimmers at Ball State simply don’t know what an IM is, LOL.

  2. Billy says:

    I found Ryan to be a good sport and did a good job. He let Dave flex his comedic muscles and did not get into his way.

    Let Ryan be Ryan, he’ll do just fine.

  3. Observer says:

    Ryan did well with Dave. Dave’s a tough guy to have an interview with sometimes.

  4. viewer says:

    I also feel Lochte did well.

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