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  1 Mike Lewis | January 19th, 2013 | Open Water, Training

We’ll be featuring workouts from the Wind-n-Sea Masters Swimming team in La Jolla California.   The team is based in one of the mecca’s for open water swimming and a large number of it’s members are actively engaged in open water swimming all year round.   The team trains at the Coggan Family Aquatic Center – a beautiful 50m complex that is less than a mile away from the La Jolla Cove – site of the La Jolla Rough Water Swim; the largest open water swim in the United States.   Wind-n-Sea Masters archives all their workouts for the swimming community.

In this featured workout – the emphasis is on building speed into the swim.   Enjoy!

Warm up (first set at :10 after):  General warm up or 6 x100 @ 1:30

200 swim – 50 kick – 150 swim – 50 kick – 100 swim – 50 kick – 50 swim (rest :10 seconds between each)

4 x 150 pull @ 2:00/2:15/2:30

Main Set (:30 seconds rest between each round):

3 x 300 (build strong 100 from the back so last one is 90% effort) @ 4:30/5:00/6:00

3 x 150 (build strong 50 from the back so last one is 90% effort) @ 2:15/2:30/300

3 x 75 (build strong 25 from the back so last one is 90% effort) @ 1:00/1:15/1:30

125 active recovery

400 kick (super charge laps 4/8/12/16)

200 warm down

3600 + general warm up


  1. Dennis Kaster says:

    looking for a place to find a a workout schedule to begin open water swim. I have competed the last 3 years in triathlon and found I truly hate running (lol) I will continue with the bike which I love.

    any help and guidance will be appreciated

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