Open Water Swimming Workout for masters and triathletes

  0 Mike Lewis | January 25th, 2013 | Coach's Log, Open Water, Training

Here’s another open water workout from the Wind-n-Sea Masters Swimming gang.   Really work on those broken 300’s – these will help give you the speed you need to mix it up a bit in your next open water race or triathlon.

Warm up (first set at :10 after):  General warm up or 6 x100 @ 1:30

12 x 25 = 4@ :30 + 4@ :25 4@ :20

200 kick

12 x 25 = 4@ :30 + 4@ :25 4@ :20

Main Set:

8 x 300 (odds straight/even’s broken at the 50 for 5 seconds & descend within) @4:30/5:00 or 5:00/5:30

8 x 75 kick (sprint middle 25) @ 1:30/1:45/2:00

200 warm down

Total = 4,000 + General warm-up

Wind-n-Sea Masters  team is based in one of the mecca’s for open water swimming and a large number of it’s members are actively engaged in open water swimming all year round.    The team features many top open water swimmers who have completed Catalina and English channel crossings.    Additionally, many members are new to open water swimming and the program encourages fun and camaraderie in the open water.

The team trains at the Coggan Family Aquatic Center – a beautiful 50m complex that is less than a mile away from the La Jolla Cove – site of the La Jolla Rough Water Swim; the largest open water swim in the United States.   Wind-n-Sea Masters archives all their workouts for the swimming community.

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