Official Song for 2013 European SC Championships – Guld i Boxen

The 2013 European Short Course Championships are nigh, beginning on Thursday, December 12th, in Herning, Denmark, and we couldn’t be more excited. Europe is energized for this meet, and the World Records are on notice – don’t be surprised if we see as many as 8-or-9 of the world’s short course standards fall by the wayside.

We’re so excited, that even though we don’t speak a lick of Danish (hopefully Chris DeSantis can give us a translation when the sun rises in northern Europe) we had to share the official song of Herning 2013 above.

The song is called “Guld i Boxen,” which roughly means “gold in the Boxen,” where the Jyske Bank Boxen is the name or the arena in which the Danes have constructed a pool for the meet.

The song features two local Danish musicians Rikke Hvidbjerg and Rasmus Steenberg.

Below, see another teaser, also in Danish, featuring Danish stars preparing for the meet.


  1. Chris DeSantis says:

    Lines from the promo:

    “I’m really looking forward to this community feeling”

    “I think it’s going to be cool to here the public at European Championships- it means a lot to go into a pool and have a lot of people backing you. I get goosebumps thinking about it”

    Blah blah blah they are showing it on TV2.

  2. Chris DeSantis says:

    Maybe DanishSwimFan can help with the first line. Fælleskabsfølelse is like “sense of community” but I don’t think it really makes sense in English if you translate it that way.

    • DanishSwimFan says:

      That’s one of those Danish words that doesn’t really translate that well, I’m struggling to come up with a good English equivalent, camaraderie perhaps?

  3. Rasmus Steenberg says:

    Thanks for sharing “Guld i Boxen”:-) Realizing that it went
    worldwide we made a new version in english, which is now available
    on youtube. Please search for “Waters of Gold”. All the best,
    Rasmus Steenberg (ESC 2013 composer)

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