How to Position Your Feet for Swimming Starts – Video Feature

In this Race Club #swimisode, Coach Gary Hall teaches the proper distance one should maintain between feet both side to side and back to front on the modern swimming starting block.

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6 Ways to Get the Most from Your Swimmers

Motivating Boys vs. Girls: Six Ways to Get the Most from Your Swimmers


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5 Quotes To Help You Stay Swimming Tough

“Here are 5 of our favorite quotes that can serve as a boost during a painful sprint set, or a mantra to get you through a seemingly endless distance workout.”

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3 Drills To Improve Your Backstroke Kick

Try these three drills to maintain a powerful backstroke kick.

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Why Head Position In Backstroke Matters, Plus Two Drills For Head Position

Learn more about head position in backstroke by watching the Race Club swimisode featuring World Champion backstroker, Junya Koga.

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More Masters

Cancer Survivor Katie Kennell-Langan Needs A Strong Heart

“She’d beaten cancer, but how the chemo weakened her immune system and a virus had settled in her heart…”

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10 Things Non-Swimmers Say to Swimmers

It’s hard being a swimmer sometimes, especially since, as all swimmers know, no one outside the sport understands swimming.

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3 Steps to Building Your Own Swimming Business

Do you love coaching? Do you wish you could use your expertise to make a substantial living? Are you ready to take the next step for your professional career?

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Olympian Josh Davis Tests USRPT, Swims Fastest Times in Ten Years (Feature Video)

5-time Olympic medalist, Josh Davis, has been training USRPT since last year. After hearing so much debate about this training method, he decided to try it himself. Listen to his results…

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The 8 Swim Parents You See at Your Local Swim Meets

Here are 8 swim parents that you have probably encountered at your local swim meet.

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8 Nutritional Recommendations For Swimmers

# 3 – A little protein before a workout goes a long way.

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Barbados Open Water Festival Featured Video

World Champion and Olympian Alex Meyer won the open water event. See results here.

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13 Things I’ve Learned From 13 Years Of Swimming

#3 – Swim coaches will be some of the most important people in your life and some of your biggest supporters, in and out of the pool.

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