Franklin’s Leader in London, Coach Schmitz

Todd Schmitz, head coach of the Colorado Stars, is only 33 years old and the guide to, perhaps, swimming’s greatest female of all-time, Missy Franklin. Franklin has qualified to swim 7 races at the London Olympics. Coach Schmitz has maintained a keep-it-fun attitude on the run-up to the biggest competitive stage on earth, but it has been his multi-year, multi-phase plan that has helped Franklin gain superstar success in the pool.


  1. drdov says:

    I’m sorry but you don’t go to the Olympics to ‘learn’
    You go to every other meet to ‘learn’
    I hate it when athletes at the olympics say that they’re there to ‘learn’ and gain experience for the next meet
    Those athletes always fail
    The winners go the Olympics with the mind set of just crushing their opposition, nothing more, nothing less

  2. Jean Michel says:

    This guy is owesome and lucky ! may his special training programms with Missy gets all the fruits he deserves . Go Missy , we love u !

  3. Jean Michel says:

    DRDOV , u are missing one point ! winning is not all in life but learning ! except if u have learned at all allready which i honestly truly doubt ! Maybe your mindset was fashioned in a different way ! What i see is a owesome coach , young and ready to go further .

  4. eurosports says:

    Sorry for all the multiple posts! For some reason they weren’t showing up at all, so I tried reposting a couple of times… OOPS!!

  5. drdov says:

    According to Charlie Sheen winning is everything

    • Jean Michel says:

      I don’t care one second about Charlie Sheen ….who is he ??? an actor ? or a Master of life ? i truly don’t know . I only know this : U pick somoene else’s beleif to yourself while u can’t even look into your own life experience . I see failure as learning to be better . Also what’s winning and what’s loosing ? U ask on the deck to the swimmers …….and u tell me later .

  6. TX Swimmer says:

    Unlike everyone else Missy has not shown all her cards yet. You will all be in for a big surprise next week. She is getting the gold in the 100/200 back, 200 Free and a Silver in the 100Free when u factor in the relays she will end up with 5 golds and 2 Silvers.

    • Jack says:

      How could you possibly know who has and has not shown their cards?

    • HKswimmer says:

      Good bet on the backstrokes but I highly doubt she’s a sure win for the 2free. It’s going to be a very tough race what with Muffat/Schmitt already destroying Missy’s time from last year

  7. Jean Michel says:

    Sure Missy will show what she is capable of and she will have fun ! She is probably one of the only swimmers out there to have full fun all the time . That’s a great example of how to live one’s life and focus . She is just a lovely soul bringing something new and fresh . The world will see that ……and Todd is allready happy for that .

  8. Jammer 99 says:

    Her times did not drop from last year because she was very likely not fully tapered. She was the best in the backstrokes and 200 free in 2011. In London she is gonna show them she is still the boss in the backstrokes and 200 Free. Brace yourselves folks, the real missile is about to launch!

  9. junker23 says:

    I don’t think I like him. Always seemed to me that he just kinda lucked out with landing Missy.

  10. WHOKNOWS says:

    Colorado will be rooting for Franklin at the Olympics! Her accomplishments will bolster the spirits of the community and remind them that there is good in the world! Go Missy! Make Colorado proud!

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