Missy Franklin: How to Make a Swimmer Bun

  2 Gold Medal Mel Stewart | January 19th, 2013 | Featured, Lifestyle

Olympic swimming star, Missy Franklin, swims fast, sings, dances, and…she’ll teach you many useful things you need to know on deck at a swimming meet, like how to make a swimmer bun.

Making a “swimmer bun” is essential for female (or male) competitors with long hair. While it appears difficult to create, once again Franklin shows us all it is not. (See video above)

On night one of finals at the Austin Grand Prix, after her win in the 100 freestyle and 4th place in 400 freestyle (which isn’t bad as it was her personal best time in the event), Franklin didn’t have much to say. The swim meet was sleepy with less than 200 people in the stands. After her 2012 London Olympic Games performance, 200 people in the house is more like a practice session for Franklin. With excess energy, the conversation in the mix zone (press area) got a little off topic. Franklin finally took to explaining the nuances of USA Swimming elite meet culture, like what to do when your coach leaves you to go coach at another meet. Easy answer: You join Jack Roach’s (USA Swimming National Team Coach) crew of misfits (other National Team members) to warmup, sit  with and eat post meet dinners with.  Making a swimmer bun is only one bit of wisdom Franklin has to share. There’s more, but we’ll have to learn as we go…somewhere down the road on the Grand Prix Series.


  1. bobo gigi says:

    And is she able to tell a few words in French? It would be funny. She should work a little her French to be ready for the post-race interviews of the next international competitions. We have here in France one of the most famous interviewers of the world with Nelson Monfort. And I’m sure he would fall in love with Missy if she spoke French. Mel Stewart, it’s your next challenge with her.

  2. Martin G. says:

    Everything Missy does, she does well.

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