Michael Phelps Single Again, Long Inspires Ravens, Evans works on Abs

  0 Gold Medal Mel Stewart | January 03rd, 2013 | Featured, Lifestyle

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This is a lifestyle roundup for swimmers who aren’t hiding under a rock and/or have no access to the web. You’d have to be to miss this story reported by the Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, People Magazine, and….everyone else:

“Michael Phelps is single again.”

Do we care? I’m not sure. I think we would if the Baltimore Bullet starting dating a swimmer. You never know. Some swimmers find it comforting to be in a relationship with someone who understands this very unique aspect of their lives. In any event, now you know Phelps is single, again. Let’s move on…

Jessica Long, the Russian-born United States Paralympic superstar swimmer (also from Baltimore, Maryland) stopped by the Baltimore Ravens HQ to offer a little inspiration.  Long, a 16-time Paralympic medalist, is a monstrous competitor, and, from what I’ve heard, a great speaker. Watch this video to the end. It’s worth a look. A fun tie-in for the Ravens: their punter is Justin Tucker, whose sister Samantha is a four-time All-American at Texas and whose father, Paul Tucker, performed emergency heart surgery on Eddie Reese in 2011.

Janet Evans, the 4-time Olympic gold medalist and middle-distance swimming queen, has always remained visible in the Olympic community, which is why I’m so surprised I missed this video pitching an ab workout product. Janet continues to sign corporate partnerships, including Arena Swimwear and BMW.  This one seems a little out of the ordinary. You decide.

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