Michael Andrew met Michael Phelps at the 2014 Arena Grand Prix in Mesa. It wasn’t the first time the two Michaels actually met. They came face to face years ago, when Andrew was teeny tiny, at a Swim With The Stars event.

Michael Andrew met Michael Phelps many years before the Mesa Grand Prix.

Michael Andrew met Michael Phelps many years before the Mesa Grand Prix.

In Mesa, the media asked Michael Phelps and NBAC Coach Bob Bowman about the swimming phenom, particularly about Andrew’s method of training, Ultra Short Race Pace Training (USRPT). Coach Bowman, a big proponent of laying a base of aerobic work,  said USRPT has great qualities, but it’s merely one part of a whole. Bowman would not train his athletes USRPT all of the time.  Both Bowman and Phelps added that they are happy for Andrew’s success and curious to see how he performs in long course meters.

Andrew went 23.08 in the 50 meter freestyle and 24.4 in the 50 meter butterfly (a time trial) in Mesa. After several weeks of vacation and very little time in the pool training, Andrew returns to elite competition at the 2014 Arena Grand Prix in Charlotte. Andrew shared that while he’s been thin on training since Mesa, he hopes his 50 speed will be there. Andrew’s gunning for a sub 23 second 50 meter free and a 24 low in the 50 meter butterfly.

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