Manaudou Posts New National Record In The 50 Butterfly

Florent Manaudou has been the story of the French Short Course National Championships, success which he hopes to extend through next weekend at the European Short Course Championships which run from December 12th-15th in Herning. On Friday Manaudou posted the top time in the world in the 100 freestyle (45.04), on Saturday he took over the same spot in the 100 IM (50.96) and today he broke the French national record in the 50 butterfly posting a time of 22.11 good enough for second in the world rankings behind South Africa’s Roland Schoeman who recorded a 22.05 at the World Cup in Berlin.

Manaudou took down Frederick Bousquet’s 2009 French record of 22.17. He is now the top ranked European going into Herning, with Germany’s Steffen Deibler following closely behind.

Top three Europeans:

  1. Florent Manaudou – 22.11
  2. Steffen Deibler – 22.14
  3. Jeremy Stravius – 22.58

Stravius finished second to Manaudou in Dijon posting a time of 22.82, but was eventually disqualified. Due to that disqualification Mehdy Metella finished second in a time of 22.35 followed by Andrea Bolognesi who touched in a time of 23.58.

Later in the evening Manaudou went on to set a new championship record in the men’s 50 freestyle in a relay lead off position recording a time of 20.62. Although it is faster than the 20.79 he posted to win the event it is still not enough to catch Vlad Morozov in the world rankings who put up a 20.59 at the Moscow World Cup.

Women’s 200 freestyle

Nice teammates Camille Muffat and Charlotte Bonnet had an incredible race in the women’s 200 freestyle with both women landing in the world’s top ten. Muffat lead from start to finish with Bonnet making her charge let finishing just two one-hundredths of a second behind Muffat.

Muffat took the event in a time of 1:53.80 with Bonnet posting a time of 1:53.82. Those times put them seventh and eighth in the world rankings.

  • Muffat – 26.65/55.81 (29.16)/1:24.99 (29.18)/1:53.80 (28.81)
  • Bonnet – 27.08/56.10 (29.02)/1:25.46 (29.36)/1:53.82 (28.36)

Mylene Lazare finished third in a time of 1:56.56.

Men’s 200 breaststroke

The men’s 200 breaststroke was a closely contested battle with the top three men being separated by only 48 one-hundredths of a second. Quentin Coton took the event in a time of 2:08.37 followed by William Debourges who posted a time of 2:08.43. 17 year old Jean Dencausse set yet another French age group record in the event touching in a time of 2:08.85.

15 year old Theo Charrade who finished ninth also set a new age group record finishing in a time of 2:16.03.

Men’s 200 freestyle

After being disqualified in the 50 butterfly at the start of the evening Jeremy Stravius returned to the pool to take the men’s 200 freestyle in a time of 1:44.44. It was not an easy win for Stravius who was pushed by Clement Mignon who finished second in a time of 1:44.92.

Lorys Bourelly and Valerio Coggi finished tied for third with both men posting a time of 1:46.92.

Women’s 50 freestyle

Anna Santamans took the women’s 50 freestyle in a time of 24.69. She was followed by Beryl Gastaldello who finished second posting a time of 24.80 and Margaux Fabre who recorded a time of 25.08.

Women’s 400 IM

Lara Grangeon won the women’s 400 IM in a time of 4:37.74 she was followed closely by Fantine Lesaffre who recorded a time of 4:38.25. Isabelle Mabboux finished third in a time of 4:42.44.

Women’s 200 backstroke

Cloe Credeville took the women’s 200 backstroke in a time of 2:09.94 followed by Marie Buresi who posted a time of 2:11.17 and Alice Boutant who finished in a time of 2:12.45.



  1. seb says:

    Jean Dencausse is 16 years old.

    • seb says:

      it’s his first year of full training, he’s also snowboard french junior champion…

      • beachmouse says:

        Reminds me a bit of Ed Moses’ career trajectory- came into swimming relatively late after concentrating on golf as a young teen. Or Breeja Larsen only going year round in swimming at around age 18 after spending high school also playing softball and volleyball. For some reason, breaststroke seems more open to those kind of high level late bloomers.

  2. bobo gigi says:

    16-year-old Jean Dencausse continues to shine this week on breaststroke.
    59.89 in the 100, 27.76 in the 50 and today 2.08.85 in the 200.
    Hard to compare but the 15/16 NAG records in the 100 breast and in the 200 breast are 53.26 and 1.54.87 by Andrew Seliskar. It converts to 59.12 and 2.07.51 in SCM. So, the young French talent is close to these times. Another young American talent Carsten Vissering has the same age and is in the same category.
    You must know that Mr Dencausse has shined in 2 sports so far. Swimming and snowboard. He’s the best junior French snowboarder. Fortunately for French swimming, he has chosen swimming for his future and is now completely focused on this sport with Rio in mind.

    • Jack says:

      These youngsters going so quickly.. It’s crazy. I saw a boy here in Britain swim 2.31 for 200Br a few months ago, he was born in the 00′s – That made me feel old, then a girl also born in the 00′s came along and swum 2.34 for the same event, the 00′s generation is beginning to show! It’s great to see these youngsters swimming so quickly.

  3. bobo gigi says:

    Miss Muffat wins the 200 free. Good for her confidence. But don’t expect anything great from her next week in Herning. She doesn’t train very much since Barcelona.

    Huge time again for Florent Manaudou. 22.11 in the 50 fly. New French record. On the TV pictures he looked more muscular than ever! :)
    Seriously he’s a beast. 1m99 and 99 kgs of pure muscle.
    His battles against Morozov next week will be a big show.

    A little word on Jérémy Stravius. He was disqualified in the 50 fly because he has moved on the blocks before the start. Anyway, he was no longer in the race to win after the first meters.
    I have a little scoop for you. According to his coach interviewed on eurosport, Stravius will swim the 50 fly, the 100 fly, the 50 back and the 100 back next week at the European championships.

    • aswimfan says:

      It’s a good thing that Manadou is French, had he been a chinese, many would point out at him for using steroids.

  4. bobo gigi says:

    Manaudou is on fire!
    New meet record in the 50 free for him.
    He has swum 20.62 to lead-off a team of Marseille in the 4X50 free relay.
    Not a French record. Still 20.48 by Amaury Leveaux made in magical suits.

    • DDias says:

      Florent is a BEAST!I wonder if he is gonna be the first(since Popov era) to be top Olympic level in 50 and 100free.Some tried(Adrian,Cielo…) but failed short.Nowadays, the training between speed and endurence become much,much different animals.

      • mcgillrocks says:

        Irvin won both at 2001 worlds,so did Cielo in 2009. Cielo also got a gold and a silver in 2008 which is hardly a failure in my book. Not quite total success but not far off at all

        • Rafael says:

          Gold and Bronze..

          In 2012 Cielo could do better I think if his knees were ok..

          But Since Popov we have not seen someone being favorite and dominating both events..

  5. DanishSwimFan says:

    I think that record may just go in Herning eh Bobo? :-) I assume he is at least partially rested now, but perhaps he can drop some more time.

    I can’t get over the size of young Florent, he is really an amazing physical specimen. Perhaps Mrs DanishSwimFan will change her allegiance from M. Lacourt!


      The only other swimmer which impresses as well from his physical attributes is Matt Grevers ( 2,03 meter / weight ??? ) ; different muscles for sure still a Big beast as well . LOL .

      • Rafael says:

        Can´t think of anyone beating Bousquet on that..

        • bobo gigi says:

          Bousquet. 1m88 for 86 kgs. He’s muscular but lights years away from Manaudou.
          Yes Grevers is tall and muscular but doesn’t give the same impression of power as Manaudou.
          I don’t see any other swimmer give the same impression. He’s unique in my opinion.

          • SwimFanFinland says:

            Yep, Manaudou is probably the most athletically imposing figure in the world of Men’s swimming, it’s in his genes. He should marry Pellegrini ;).

    • bobo gigi says:

      Oh yes, good idea SwimfanFinland!
      I’m sure his sister Laure would appreciate. :)

  6. bobo gigi says:

    For Mrs DanishSwimfan. :)

  7. bobo gigi says:

    Still no good video of the 45.04 by Mr Manaudou! :mad:
    I’m patient.
    I’m still waiting for the video of the first world record by Michael Phelps when he was 15 in March 2001. 1.54.92 in the 200 fly.
    I’m still waiting for the video of the first Michael Phelps’ world title in 2001.
    I’m still waiting for the video of the historical first sub 1 minute in the 100 back by Natalie Coughlin. 59.58 in August 2002.
    And we are 11 and 12 years later!
    So I can still wait to find a video of a race from 2 days ago! :)

    • mcgillrocks says:

      Why did no one think to record those things back then? There must be at least some amateur video of those races.

    • bobo gigi says:

      Thank you. I know it’s the only one on youtube so far.
      But I talked about a good video.
      We don’t see anything with the lights.
      And mute the sound! With these guys as commentators, it’s very hard to watch.


      Oupssssssss ! Berens + Leveaux within 3 weeks retired . The next 400 free French relay will most probably include Gilot , Manaudou , Agnel and Stravius if i am not mistaken . I go too fast , i know , but it’s important for the french relays in the near future .

      • bobo gigi says:

        You are correct. It’s the most likely team until 2016. Don’t forget William Meynard, world bronze medalist in 2011, who can come back.

  8. bobo gigi says:

    I have found a video of the Manaudou’s 100 free.
    It’s filmed on a TV. Not optimal but still better than nothing.

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