Lactate Workout @ Phoenix Swim Club


  1. Gold Medal Mel Stewart says:

    “Don’t get hit….in the face!”

    Great vid, Garrett. Looks like fun… We never mixed it up like that in my day. (May be hitting you up for workouts in the future.)

  2. SwimSam says:

    Nasty…yet creative! Nice job Phoenix Swim Club and GMac!

  3. Prior says:

    Fun video. Nice shirt Garrett…Top of the Day, GA!

  4. Bullddoze says:

    Great vid! Creative, hard, and fun. I knew swimming didn’t have to be total drudgery.

  5. Kevin says:

    Great set, Garrett. I threw a modified version of this at my guys this morning. They looked like it achieved the goal. Thanks for sharing.

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